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my newly purchased comanche

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Well here it is, my new toy... I had to rewire it all first (gotta thank the tweekers who owned it before) replaced all the fluids and I think I'm good to go for now.


Rustys and other various brands lift I wanna about 5"

4.0 5speed np 231

32x10.5 tsl's

Next big mod is to get rid of those damn flares..hate em!


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man all you guys and your white MJs :fs1: I'm just going to have paint mine i guess




looks good man! even with the flares. and yeah those tweekers will do a number on any car they come in contact with




or wait thats silver?

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Can I call dibs on the flares when you want to get rid of them?


sure ill let you know when i take em off, ive got a few kinks to work out that are a little more important fist like, leaky rear brake line and the heater. oh! and the lack of exhaust . . but ya i don't want the flares so have at em : )

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Just keep in mind that if you remove the front flairs your tires will probably throw mud and water on your hood and windshield.

hate when that happened until got my rally armor flaps for my subaru. help alot! plus save wiper's live :thumbsup:


so :agree: keep the flares!

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Update! Ok so I've had the mj about a week now, fixed the idle issue , got the heater workin ,replaced the bad brake like, weldedup some exhaust and put in the stereo so I'm finaly able to dd this beast:) more to come!

The exhaust is nice and tight up against the bed and it sounds really nice (not obnoxious lol) its a welded thrush muffler 2.5 in and out

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