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Dezert Comanche

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I purchased my Jeep Comanche in Dec,2007 in Los Angeles CA, it's my first Jeep & was my daily driver. it's a 1992 Jeep Comanche with a 4.0 L, inline 6 with a 5 speed AX 15, 2 wheel drive beam axle and a Dana 35 rear end with 3:07 gears. it also had manual windows, bench seat , dummy light gauges, all in all the truck ran good except for random death wobble at high speed hitting bumps.In Mar. 2008 I steeped up to a Rubicon express 3.5" super flex lift kit and a XJ add a leaf in the rear the benefit of the Rubicon express lift was to fit 31 10x50 w/15" rims BFG all terrains tires with American racing wheels Teflon coated.

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my Jeep Comanche is a 91 so it has a 3/4x16 oil filter neck. this allows me to use a over sized oil filter. allowing me to use 1 extra quart of oil & 5,000 miles between oil changes. if you have a renix 4.0L you will need to change the oil neck to the 3/4x16 on the H/O 4.0L. ease to find at your local junk yards

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Alternator Relocation. I relocated my alternator up top, for water proofing, and the larger amp alternator.


The higher amp Alternator helps power my HID head light conversion, driving lights, and rear dust light. To put the alternator in this location, I had to make mounting brackets, and shorten my belt size. New size is by measurement 770 K-6.

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WoW! All of that for 140 amps? The alternator I just put on was for a 85 chevy astro van and cranks out 115 amps. But if not any thing else keeping it away from water is a great idea :thumbsup: Looks like a fun build keep up the good work :wrench:



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Next electrical upgrade was my red top Optima.



Then MSD Blaster Ignition Coil.



After that, a Summit Tune-Up kit. Which included; cap, roter, and silicon spark plug wires.



And a MSD 6 Offfroad Ignition Control Module.



Radio Shack sells this accessory box, which is perfect for all my fuses and relay's.


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started having cooling problems. so i went with a all aluminum 2 row radiator from Genesis Auto parts.



And i had a small crack on my thermos stat housing . i pick up a over board thermos stat housing & thermos stat from Hesco Inc.



when i was in there i put in a Flowkooler water pump.


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no the first one i bought for my Comanche was in good shape.

the second one i bought for my Cherokee was not in such good shape :fs1: not the fins those were perfect but the filler neck was dented making it difficult to put on the cap with a good seal. I straightened it carefully with pliers.

This same thing happened to a friend but he was not so carefully and he cracked the aluminum. :mad: He throw in his parts shed. I pulled it out to get a pic and this was the condition :headpop:

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comanche.gif i was responsibly driving my manche & I GOT T-BONED!! :doh:

insurance call it a total loss. the impact broke the front axle & bent the shock on the passenger side.

the body damage, fender, door & some damage to the rocker panel.

:wrench: I went to the junk yard and got a new/used 2 WD front axle, door & fender.

This accelerated my dissension to go long arm.

So i bought a Rock Krawler 3 link,http://www.rockkrawler.com/index.php?r_intro=no

Deaver 5.5'' Jeep Speed Race Coils http://www.deaverspring.com/products/coils.html

front shocks 12" Bilstein 5100 http://www.bilsteinus.com/products/off-road/5100-series-shocks.html

front shock mount are JKS bar pin eliminators.http://store.jksmfg.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=BARPINELIM&Store_Code=JKS01&Category_Code=Shock

:cheers: image_209027.gif

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