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Comanche Club, we now have video.


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Now that I have been knighted with access to the CC skeleton (Thanks Pete), I added a youtube button. So far, as I understand it, you just use the video id inside the youtube block, rather than the whole url. So, this is the url of the vid I posted:

I clicked on the youtube button, and entered the video ID, located at the end of the url, in this case:


So, it should look something like this: (without the space in the second block)

TjCz55Md-qA[/ youtube]

Try her out!
Rob L. :cheers:
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hey it didnt work? :hmm:




This is where people in a hurry will have problems. Slow down grasshoppa. In the first attempt, you still have the "v=" in the id. Remove it, and it will show... The second one though, I am betting you just missed a letter in the id. I didn't fix it for you because I want you to go back and edit your post yourself so you can learn what you missed.


Devil is in the details on this one.

Rob L. ;)

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hey, cool improvement!


can we work on the links opening a new window/tab instead of redirecting the current screen? it didnt do it before the big update. y2k bug i guess :yes:



I can do that anytime I want with a scroll ball click on the mouse. :dunno:

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