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Vin Tag, Salvage?


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On the 88 MJ I got the other day, there is this metal tag attached to the radiator support. This is the type of tag put on vehicles for salvage ID, stolen recovery, retitle, etc. etc. There is nothing on the title to reflect anything like that. Normally 'SALVAGE' would be across the title. There is nothing. The title is clean. The VIN on the dash is original and unaltered. The rivets attaching it looks like OEM Jeep. The 2 VIN numbers are identical. Anybody know what it's for, or why it's there?

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My '88 SporTruck has this, too. I've run the VIN on that truck when I had AutoCheck and it came back squeaky clean. I also have that truck torn down to just a shell and there is a no evidence of any major accident that would brand it a salvage title. I really don't know about a theft recovery, though. I have a '98XJ that WAS a theft recovery and has a big 'ole SALVAGE across the title does not have such a tag on it.


I can check my '88 Pioneer tonight for a similar tag...seems like we have a handfuls of '88 MJs with these tags and no evidence of a salvage title...

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Looks like may have started something here. Generally when a salvage tag is put on a vehicle the name of the state issuing it is on the tag. Also they make darn sure the word SALVAGE is on the title and no matter how many times you sell the vehicle or get a new title they always have salvage on it. If you will look at the tag, you will see where it is scored as if the bottom half was meant to be removed. Also note that the numbers are raised, not indented like they would be if aftermarket. And later all state issued ID'S are gummy stickers. Not metal. Whatever.

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A thought just occurred to me. The bottom half looks like the metal plate that normally comes in the owners manual and when you get warranty work done on the car they run it in their imprint machine. Or did back in the 70-80's, Ain't bought a new car lately so maybe they're plastic now.

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My Sportruck has it, but the bottom portion is no longer attached. My Pioneer doesn't have it, but the radiator crossmember does have the two holes for the rivets. My '92MJ and '98XJ don't have the tags and also don't have the holes for the rivets and my '98XJ IS is a salvage title vehicle.

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Both my 86s and my 89s had these tags. Neither was ever totaled. I believe they are what is known in the collector car hobby as "fender tags".


All my 80's turbo Dodges had them too. I still have a few from Shelby Lancers and CSXs that were junked. They will tell you the build date, paint codes, interior colors, and a bunch of other stuff on a well optioned vehicle. The current 86's is almost blank. It is of course a base model truck.

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ok so this it whats happening so far:


Dear Brandon:


Thank you for your reply.


We are unable to read your attachment of the radiator picture. Can you

provide the VIN and we can verify the vehicle information. The VIN is

stamped in different areas of the vehicle for identification purposes.


Thanks again for your email.






Customer Service Representative

Chrysler Customer Assistance Center


For any future communications related to this email, please refer to the

following information:



REPLY LINK: http://www.chrysler.com/wccs/brand_form ... 25261L0KM&



Original Message Follows:



hi i have one more vin i would like yall to run. this is a picture of

the vin by the radiator. also could you tell me why the vin would be

hear i have never seen this before and would like to know if this is

stock or not because we are restoring the truck. Thank you so much


--- On Mon, 10/11/10, customerassist




From: customerassist

Subject: Re: Chrysler Group LLC Customer Assistance


To: Btmredneck7@yahoo.com

Date: Monday, October 11, 2010, 2:24 PM


hope fully i will find out more tomarrow :D



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Ok so I just got a reply form them hear is what they sent:


"Dear Brandon:


Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center

regarding your build sheet request for a 1988 Jeep Comanche.


Unfortunately, due to the age of the vehicle, the build sheet

information you are seeking is no longer available for this vehicle.

General information maybe available via the internet.


The information you are referring to by the radiator is probably the

Body Code Plate, which includes the vehicle identification number.


Thanks again for your email.




Joe "


So I hope that was a help. I was Just hope that I helped.



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