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Oh technology how I love thee....


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Just got my OBD connector in the mail today, so... AWESOME!!!!


I found out that there is a free app called Torque on the Android Market that is a basic OBD II scanner that uses a bluetooth OBD device, so I had to try it out. The program was free, so I just found the unit I needed on eBay, and ordered it up straight from Hong Kong. The device set me back about $25 with shipping.


http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... 3D1&_rdc=1




Once I woke it up, and paired it to my HTC EVO, I played around with it for a bit, and let me say I am impressed. You have access to all OBD II standard parameters, like volts, temp, RPM, fuel trim, o2 volts... you can even read and clear fault codes. You can graph them, or have a numerical value... Just really sweet. You can record and download information to your computer too. So if you have an intermittent problem, you hit record, make it happen, then you can look at all the parameters on your PC to pin down what made the fault occur. I've played around with it for a few minutes now, but I am excited as to what it can do, and I haven't even explored the far reaches of its capability yet. I would take pics of it running on my '98 ZJ, but my phone is also my digital camera... :oops: ... And my camcorder, and my GPS, and my internet, and my scanner now!


Here is the website for the app:




Here is a vid that was linked from the Torque forum:



Got to love technology! Now I always have an OBD II scanner in my pocket!

Rob L.

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