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MJ gods smiling down.


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Well, I know handing out Comanche Club cards with my name and phone number would pay off eventually... Awhile back, I had gotten a phone call from a new MJ owner who got a club card with my info along with the title to the truck. Talked to him for awhile, and gave him some pointers. Never heard from him again. Then, a CL ad pops up with a Comanche being sold or parted with a D44 for $500... Called, and we got to talking, he remembered me. Went out to see it... '89 4.0L AW4 231 D30/D44, full skid package, hitch... But it was rusted out, and the frame rail was toast. The passenger side had multiple patches, and a zipper all the way down the side. I only needed the D44, and some random little things.


Offered $300 for the whole thing, no dice. He had to get $450 for a new car. But, he would sell the axle out of it for $150. So I ended up buying the axle, the t-case and gas tank skid, dome lights, hitch, rear bumper (which is mint surprisingly, with no rust or bent up ends), set of matching Kumhos on XJ rims with good tread, and a very clean tailgate for $300. :D Works out good for the both of us, I get everything I wanted at a good price without dealing with the rest of the truck, and he gets to scrap the truck to make up the difference in my price.


The truck:





The goods:









He was having trouble getting the gas tank skid and the hitch off, so hes actually going to drop them off at my work tomorrow as he runs the truck to its final resting place. Really nice guy.


Sorry Don, guess the D44's are easier to come by up here. 8)


The ol' horse shoe in the arse shines again. :clapping:

Rob L.

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You should have given him 300 and then stripped that thing bare. All he needs is the frame/body to get cash at the scrapyard and plenty of us need taillights or would have bought that slider from you!


Man you guys have a hard on for that slider. Not to be a Comanche snob, but the slider was aftermarket, and stuck out from the back of the cab an inch. Looked like $#!&. Not only that, I have factory sliders in both MJ's now, don't need another laying around. As for buying that to ship to a member? Its an over sized fragile item, that wouldn't work well. And the tail lights? They were no longer good in my eyes. Who even knows how they looked when they were lit. Not only that, but do you really want the only item that tells the people behind you that your braking to have a tint? The interior was maroon :ack: , and a bench, but nothing was in good shape. I saved what I needed, without cluttering my garage for the moment. Gate, axle, wheels/tires, dome lights, side mirrors, rear bumper, hitch, skid plate... All things I could for see needing one day.


Trust me. If its a hard to come by item I would get it. Currently in inventory I have:


Factory Long bed roll bar

Factory Short bed roll bar

Mopar add-a-light bar to put 4 lights on the stock roll bar

Factory Longbed bed mat

Factory Shortbed bed mat

Longbed MJ topper

Rust free rocker and cab corner sections to weld in

5 sets of Dome lights

Factory Meyer/Jeep plow off an MJ with paperwork

2 Original MJ window stickers

2 MJ specific sunvisors (over the cab ones)

2 complete grey MJ interiors

2WD AX15 out of an MJ

Complete wiring harness for a '92 HO MJ, 4.0L, AX15, 231.

Drivetrain from the above, with 80K original

1 set MJ bucket seat brackets

1 set MJ bucket seats with brackets

2 MJ t-case skidplates

5 sets of tails

5 tailgates

3 Cargo light sets, and they are all the FOG/CARGO combo switch

10 sets of vents

5 sets of badges

10 Owners manuals


That is just the stand-out stuff I can remember. There are numerous boxes of small items, shackles, bolts, little things, and I am sure there is a bunch of big stuff I am forgetting.


No none of this is for sale. Don't ask. A few things I might be interested in trading away or selling as I collect more, but most of it I plan to keep. I plan on having 2 MJ's for a looooonnng time. This is more or less to keep the look fresh, and be able to change it however I want to. But I will grab a rare/hard to find part when I see one. There wasn't a whole lot on that truck that was rare in my eyes, besides the clean tailgate, the D44, the unbroken domes, and the skid plate package. So thats what I wanted.


Rob L.

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