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parts cherokee woes


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well, I don't have any pictures of this, but since jakeman lives next door, maybe he can grab some for me...




Jakeman's neighbor just wrecked their late '99 xj.


it's a 4.0/auto classic. airbags went off.


it got hit hard enough to bend the passenger frame rail IN toward the motor. the motor mount on that side is twisted 45 degrees. the frame is contacting the oil filter, and actually bent it.


the frame also got bent UP, and the passenger front door won't open, because the roof kinked DOWN.



surprisingly, the windshield is still good.



anyways, the worst thing is, there is now no oil in the engine. I have no idea if it was still running for a bit after the accident happened, or if the kid driving it was smart enough to shut it off. or if it shut itself off, since the battery was broken.


the reason that that's a concern is that the passenger upper control arm put a hole in the oil pan. right next to the oil pump, a bit lower than the main body of the pump. I'm betting it bent the oil pickup tube.


anyways, with that kind of damage, especially to the oil pan, what would you look for on the motor to see how bad it is?


I'm paying $500 for it. it has 3 good doors, all power, a good transmission, newer intake, good 8.25 rear, good driveshafts, good transfercase, good windshield, good (factory) tinted rear glass.



the reason I'm buying it is that I'll get $250 to $300 back in scrap after stripping it, and we just bought my room mate a '97 xj that has no power, and shoddy tint rear windows.



so, net gains of this for his xj would be:

'99 intake

good exhaust manifold

factory tinted rear door, side, and rear window with defrost (he doesn't have defrost)

cruise control motor (it's actually still good)

power windows, locks, and keyless entry for his xj


I need the windshield for my cherokee, and a few other little odds and ends.


leftover parts would be;




driver's door

both rear doors

rear hatch

rear axle

gas tank with sender

99+ cruise switches (airbag and clock spring are toast)

column with switches

'99 conversion for my old wheeler that I sold the room mate

brake booster and master cylinder

axleshafts with 297 joints

3 good alloys

set of decent tires

spare tail lights

spare roof rack




and, I'd get at least half of the value back in scrap, loaded with a bunch of spare parts.


sound like a good deal?

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Any deal is good if you have the XJ and your pocket book ends up in the + when your done. Honestly - :thumbsup:


See, I can't actually afford this right now. I'll make it work out, and the room mate is paying for half...the net gains, at least immediately, will be more geared towards us than our pocket books.


I probably have a buyer for the motor, if it's good. So that would bring us in the + zone cash wise.



It's tough to spend $500 on a parts jeep when we bought one and had it driving for $800.

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Sounds like a decent deal. I've been looking for something similar for a while now and the cheapest I've seen on a '97+XJ was $800 and it still ran but had some dings/dents and the mileage was up there. I think you could make a majority of your money back if you sold off the interior parts assuming they're in good shape. If you were closer, I'd want all of the seats for my XJ so I could have the adjustable front headrests.


I was given a '99 Classic w/130K that was involved in a front end collision and bent the frame rail, but no where near as bad as you described. I had the frame stretched and various front end sheet metal repaired for $1500. Sold it to my girlfriend's mother for the cost of the repairs so I didn't make any money on it, but I easily could have gotten $2500 or more. Don't think I'll ever find a deal like that again, but I'm looking.

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I am negotiating with a lady for the purchase of a 1998 Cherokee sport. She wants $850. I'm offering $450 and $500 when I get to hear it run. As near as I can determine there is no frame, engine damage. Just sheet metal and radiator. 90K, No rust. We'll see.




image 1918566943-0 image 1918566943-1

image 1918566943-2 image 1918566943-3

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I got a '97 XJ 2wd with high miles and it still cost me $1k (power everything, but seats). It had been wrecked, but has a bunch of new parts. I haven't seen any others for under twice that much, so I felt like I was getting a good deal. I guess the prices are just higher in my area. I'm moving everything to my MJ and I'll part out the rest, but I honestly don't expect to make my money back on XJ parts alone (and it will probably be close if I include the MJ parts I'm selling). Good luck.

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Yeah. Other than one comanche I paid $1200 for, I've never spent more than $300 on a jeep initially, save the last two ...a 97 with minor front end damage and a bad motor, and a 98 with a lot of body damage but a good motor and a 5 speed. Paid 650 for one, 550 for the other.


I am buying it in 2 weeks when I have cash$ right now I'm flat broke

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Jeeper's aren't "normal" when it comes to spending money on vehicles. I was asked by a co-worker what I thought about a '98 Subaru she wanted to buy. She thought it was an absolute steal at $3,000 and my jaw dropped when I heard the price. I told her my absolute CAP for buying a used vehicle is $500. It used to be $1000, but when I bought my '98XJ for $900, it was a major hit to my bank account so the cap was lowered. Most of my friends still can't believe I've been driving a car for a year that I bought for $400 and put another $600 into to get it to where it's at today - everyone seems to be pre-programmed that buying a car is a major expense, but it really doesn't have to be if you know what to look for.


Is $500 the absolute lowest your neighbor will go on this XJ? I feel like with all of the damage $500 is still a bit high. What would happen to it if you didn't buy it? If it's gonna sit around and get in the way, it may pay off to be patient and let him get frustrated and sell it to you for $250-$300 to just get it out of his hair.

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I'm the same way.



And yeah, lowest he'll go. But, it is worth it, I NEED those parts...and we're trying to use what we NEED right away before my room mate starts driving the xj that we need them for.


Plus, I have 1 week before I start work again, and after that I won't have time to deal with it.

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I let him sit on it for awhile. I put a patch over the hole in the oil pan real quick today, and connected the truck to a battery, filled with cheap oil, and started it. runs great, good oil pressure, and all electronics work except the headlights.


ended up he told me come get it for $150. I gave him $200 cause that's what I wanted to pay when I first saw it, and I didn't want to screw him too bad.


passenger side inner C is bent 3 different ways, ujoint blew up, but the shaft is OK, and both ball joints seperated

and yes, the radiator and entire front end is twisted, as shown in this picture.



it's bent up every which way. it has good:




front driver's wheel bearing

front axle shafts

front brakes

passenger rear door

both driver's doors

power options, minus bent up driver's window regulator

rear hatch (small fixable dent...better than the rust they get up here)

cruise servo/switches




rear axle (29 spline 8.25)

gas tank


catalytic converter


3 good whatever those jeep rims are. I have one more to make a complete set of them.


I'll be able to sell the trans, wiring conversion, rear axle, gas tank, rear doors, rear hatch, factory tint rear windows, roof rack, windshield, and a bunch of little stuff.


the motor doesn't have any broken mounts (thank God), and has good compression, and sounds pretty quiet. it will need a new oil pan and rear main, I'll check all bearings and the cylinder walls when I do that for scoring, and then it's going into beaterjeep's '88 comanche with a '92 harness and 2wd ax15.


I'll be using the tan dash, driver's door, and tail lights on some of my projects, plus the power wiring harness in it too.



should net about $750 in profit from the parts I'm selling plus scrap price of the jeep.

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thanks, and thanks.



I didn't want to buy another one...but I'll have the $$$ I spent on it, plus to have a buddy tow it, back by the end of the week. I paid $125 for him to tow it for me since it was over an hour away, and I don't have a flatbed (axle is held on by only 1 control arm, couldn't dolly it)

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You're getting a hell of a lot better deals than I am on parts Cherokee's. I'm looking at a '99XJ w/145K this weekend for $750, but there isn't a single salvageable front end part on it.


Move to WI. :yes:


Yeah... IL/WI border : Drunken idiots + Jeeps = Good deals.


Rob L. :cheers:

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Wanna sell that center console? :brows:




actually, yeah. it is tan. I have a grey one, too.



I have 2 complete '97+ 4.0/auto conversions. one with manual windows, one with auto. both with cruise.


these include everything from the center console forward, less seats and carpet.

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My brother bought an xj. it ran great was an automatic with a 4.0, 4x4 with d44 rear. he took all the doors off for summer and when he went to put them back on they wouldnt go. guess he warped the body :rotf: good thing for me because I'm buying it from him for 200 bucks :yes: if i were so inclined i could use his doors to do a power window swap, I'm going to take his axles to begin my 4x4 swap, but i don't want an auto so i still need to find a good ax15 with a transfer case.

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