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DMV vs Airport vs Post Office


Which is worse?  

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  1. 1. Which is worse?

    • Post Office
    • DMV
    • Airport Check-in/Security

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I know I shouldn't go to the DMV (Nevada) on a Monday but it was the only day this week I could make it. They've really gone down hill since they closed the satellite offices. It took me 3 hours and 10 minutes to renew my DL today.


10 minutes of circling the lot to get a parking space, an hour and 10 minutes in line to get my number, another hour and 15 minutes for them to call my number and another 35 minutes for the clerk to get me my new license.



One thing did occur to me while waiting around. Veterans (I'm not one BTW) should get to go to the front of the line at the DMV. Even with all that waiting I'd still give up my place in line for a vet.

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I don't have DMV, but our equivalent actually operates amazingly well (for being part of the .gov).


The post offices here work pretty well too.


Airport security ticks me off.


I took a driveshaft for a helicopter on a trip once. Basically, I had a day bag and a small pelican case (the driveshaft is only about a foot long). I checked both. But noooooooo, they can't just X-ray the pelican case. They demanded I open it (no big deal) then attempted to tear the foam packaging out of it (think $#!& you'd see in a movie, open the case and there's a big block of foam in it with a cutout for one small object).


Conversation went something like this:


Security "What is this?"

Me "It's a driveshaft for a helicopter."

S "Sure. What are you trying to sneak by me?"

Me "Huh? Do you want to see my aircraft maintenance engineer license?"

S "No. Don't give me attitude."

Me "Sorry..?"

S is trying to pull foam out of case now...

Me "I think the foam is glued in."

S "I don't think so."

Me "Uh, no, I'm pretty sure it's glued in with 2-ton epoxy"

S is yarding on the foam in the case...

Me "Can you like, just X-ray this thing instead?"

S "I need to see if there is anything under this."

Me " :???: :shake: "


After watching her yard at the stupid case for another two minutes...


S "I'll have to X-ray this. I will need you to accompany me during the process. Stand over there to get a security badge" (Points in a random spot about 5' away)

Me "Okay... :hmm: " As I wander over to where she pointed...

S "NO! Not there! There!" Pointing to about 6" from where I'm standing...

Me " :???: "


After she finally gives me a security badge and everything else...

S "You must stay ahead of me at all time. Keep you hands out of your pockets. Walk quickly, but do not run"


As we start walking down the hallway... Which ends in a T-intersection...

Me "Which way?"

S "That way!" Pointing somewhere that I can't see since she is behind me...

Me "Excuse me?" As I turn around...

S takes lead and at least we don't have to keep THAT stupid game up.


It went downhill from there. They were pretty upset that I didn't have a bomb. I think I ruined their day.

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post office is no problem around here.


RMV (yeah, we call it the RMV in this stupid state) is a disaster. I spent the first hour and a half of my birthday sitting in that hellhole this year. Some old decrepit smelly dude who thought he was a comedian and voicing everyone's thoughts spent the entire time griping about the wait quite loudly... well, he spent 45 minutes doing that, then finally his number was called and he had been an idiot and not actually filled out his paperwork so they sent him to the back of the line! :rotf: :wavey: :shake: he got his paperwork and filled it out very slowly at the back of the room while reading each line item to himself, then went back to his seat and continued griping. EVERYONE else was glaring/muttering/wishing he would keel over already. Got tired of it and went over, asked him if he could either gripe less, or more quietly, a few people clapped and he shut the hell up. Got my darn license renewed and was for once glad to go to the office.


Airport is a joke... been through it several times with ultra sketchy packages. First time I had a 6 foot long twisted pair ribbon cable with 64 coaxial cables spliced to it in a massive heatshrinked mess (breakout cable for a 64-channel ADC board) and my co-workers had their suitcases loaded with ADC boards and assorted computer parts. They xrayed our stuff and just said "telecom workers?" we answered yes to make things simpler, we were actually working for the navy and doing a hydrophone array data logging / processing unit install. I looked at the screen on the xray machine and when my stuff went through I could have sworn it looked like a bomb or something.


Second time I checked a pelican case with 2 folding boxcutters, a leatherman, 3 two-way radios and external mics, a charging base, a network switch, and a small set of hand tools... it clunked and clanked strangely and they didn't even blink, but when they went to load it they thought it was expensive tools (due to the case and strange sounds) so they handled it extra carefully and sent it direct, it was waiting for me in the baggage claim office with a special handling tag on it instead of on the conveyor belt. I'll be using that method again, it cut my baggage claim wait time down significantly... :yes:

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Obviously most of you don't spend ANYWHERE near the time in the airport I do......


The SOS office(Secretary of State here) is a breeze. Those ladies usually are right on the ball. It's the retards they have to deal with that are the problem.


The Terminally Stupid Agency by-far has the worst employees on the planet. I was once detained for an hour for a duplex forming nail. For the uninitiated... its one of those nails with two heads.

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the dmv or the canadian equilivent pissis me off. its alwayss to slow. and half of them have no idea what theyre doing


And the other half ignore you or look for new ways to piss you off! I had to deal with one in Mission, BC. My friend drove me to there so I could make a payment on my license (I had unpaid tickets and couldn't renew my license till they were paid, but I was forced into bankruptcy because I had no license and couldn't work so they were forced to take a payment plan) Cow behind the counter did everything she could to avoid giving me a temp license and then she followed me out the door and had a hissy fit when I got into my car (which my buddy drove up there for me and she ASSumed I drove there) and called the cops.

Cops had me pulled over down the hill in front of the pub where I went to pick up my buddy (who had a valid license and a big thirst) b*@$£ lied and said she saw me drive up, so I asked what direction did my car come from? (We came through the back of the lot) Cop called her a liar because he had been parked in front for an hour before that doing paperwork and checking plates. "Have a good day sir!" and he sent me on my way.

She even went so far as to tell the court she saw me driving and I was assessed another ticket which I had thrown out along with several tickets from a cop who sent them without even pulling the car over (hard to miss a '55 Pontiac in the '80s) when I wasn't even driving. (I wasn't even in town so it was likely my brother or my ex-wife's BF driving)

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dmv for sure! down here it has 4 lines, but almost always only 2 people working them... then 2 more people eventually shuffle out and you're thinking "cool things will move now" but no, the first 2 go on break! if you don't show up 1/2 hour before they open you'll be there all day. i made the mistake of getting there at 10am one day, and i pulled #372 and they were on #60. i left and came back at 3pm and they still hadn't reached my # yet!

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