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AX-15 gear oil development!!!

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I went to the Jeep dealership to get some GL-3 for my 90's AX-15 and found that they don't carry it any more. But that's not the important part, apparently the replacement is 10W-30 oil. :eek: I swung by the Dodge dealership and they confirmed it. 10W-30 is now the recommended oil for the AX-15 and it claims "improved shift quality" or something like that. I volunteer to be the guinea pig on this one since I have a high mileage trans to experiment with. You may have to wait for results though, as I don't yet have a floor... or brakes... :oops: But we'll see what happens.

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A Yota friend of my told me a long time ago that his toyota's transmission (Toyota version of the AX15) used motor oil. I never herd of any jeep owners running it though. My friend with a TJ ran ATF in his AX5 :eek: never seemed to hurt it. When i change my fluid i will try motor oil, its alot cheaper :D

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I have a AX-15 and 231 out of a early '90s Wrangler (internal slave) in my MJ. When I first put it in I was running gear oil like the Wrangler manual I had laying around told me to. I was just starting to have issues with my 5th gear synchro. Toyota buddy of mine told to try running 10W-30 fully synthetic. No longer have the issue. Truck definitively shifts much better now.


Story I was told was the gear oil eats the synchro a real bad.

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Can motor oil be used in the AX-5 as well ('87)?

I'm guessing it can.


I'll stick to my Redline MT90.



I use the brother to the mt-90, the redline 75w90ns, been working well so far even with towing bails of hay on a heavy trailer.

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