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87 Diamond In The Rough But Still A Diamond!!

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None of your pics work. I think you're missing the file extension at the end.


Whenever I'm posting pics, I usually hit the preview button at the bottom. That'll show you what the post will look like before it actually shows up on the board.

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I know a couple of members asked about the bumpers, so I will give the details. It is not bought but made. Took way more time than expected but worth it and the next one would go much faster. It is made from 5"x2"- 3/16" wall rectangle tube and 1/4 and 1/8" plate with some 2"x2" tube for the sides and support for the winch deck. The clevis mounts go through the tube and tie into the frame brackets. The frame brackets go back on the frame about 13". I will take some better pics top and bottom when I remove it for repainting.

The rear bumper is 2"x6"- 3/16" tube using the existing brackets for a starting point. I am going to put a reciever in it this weekend.

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Well finally got back to it today. Repainted the bumpers and wired up the kc's. Also worked on some gremlins in the wiring under the dash.

I used bronze hammered paint this time and I really like the texture and looks of this one.



Also for the few people that asked about the front bumper I ended up making a second one so here are the pics as promised.

A little trimming up front.

frame tie in bracket. And for the record there is a drawing running around this place that shows the location of the holes that need to be drilled on the drivers side, it is way off so if you do this make sure you double check the measurements I wish I had.

it costs about 200$ in materials to make

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GOOD idea on the spare mount I really like it!!!


Also good look with the 285/16 tires on Ruby rims!! I will have a set of these rims soon and the 285 is the size I am looking at. I am unsure of what tire to run. Most everyone knows, I have always been a BFG proponent, they are excellent tires. But the new Goodyear KEVLAR is really calling me... I also see the KUMHO MTKL71 tires..


I also read your not running spacers? How is the tire contact? Do the ruby rims have the same 5.25 BS as std Jeep rims?




How did you like them? I have an opportunity at a brand new, unmounted set for a very good price. But know nothing of them. I also ran across a good price on MAXXIS Buckshot mudders in the same size.. $165 ea. Tempting.....



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Your truck is definitely a diamond! Why couldn't Jeep make factory bumpers like those? Yea, I know cost, bla bla bla. I am on my 3rd rear bumper mainly because of small collisions and I hope I never have a big one, front or back. My front bumper is original but actually got "front ended", a girl backed in to me at a stop light and then had the nerve to get out and say she didin't see me!(I saw her reverse lights go on and my horn wasn't working at the time and I couldn't do anything!) Just twisted it a little and they were able to get it almost perfect at the body shop. Anyway, sorry to blab about my truck, yours is awesome.

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