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  1. I have an 88 MJ that the steering column is Fu****. I have a 2001 XJ column to put in. I need a list of what wire does what in the MJ going up to the steering column, and a list of the same on the 2001 XJ column. New coulmn only has key, turn signals (with brights), and wiper speed and spray on the other side, and hazard. I know I won't need half of the wires, question is which ones do I need? In the plug coming off of the key, I applied power to the red one, and there is power going through the black and white wire, and the blue wire. Turning the key to start gives me power to the yellow, so I know what I will do with those. I need to figure out how to apply power to the turn signals and the wiper switch, but the wire combos I have tried haven't worked thus far. here's pics: Disabling the airbag: And the red, yellow, back and white, and blue: Ignition: Wiper switch: Turn signals: Mystery plug: The whole shebang and my test setup:
  2. It does ride a little stiff but it is breaking in nicely. I'll be wheeling it soon. Onroad manners are pretty decent.
  3. Brand new shoes for the Manche. 31x10.5x15 Interco SSM16's SOOOOO LOUD ON THE ROAD but I am very happy.
  4. 1tonMJ

    Wtb Roll Bar In Nc

    I can get one in tn. Whats your price?
  5. I can get one what is your price range? Theres one in the jy
  6. WHOOPS so I have been speeding like crazy for 2 years. I always do exactly 35, 45, 55, means I am ALWAYS speeding. Havent got a ticket for that yet though.
  7. 1tonMJ

    Registration Fees

    I am in TN now, but I bought my truck when still in NY. First registration was $180, due to the price, and the re-reg was $75, after 2 years.
  8. Come on guys, I need an ego boost. I think it's pretty badass I did this all with no help. I know it was simple, but COME AWN GUYS gimme some love!
  9. Well, sure, after a few months. Redo it every spring. Take a day and paint.
  10. I would like to try this, but I was thinking of using that hard plastic material they use for cutting boards. Proper length bolts with nuts and washers, and sleeves to keep the distance. I think it would look real good with the Fusion paint. However, does anyone else notice how well a cup or bottle stays if tucked into the passenger side curve of the seat? My big @$$ coffee cup almost never moves, only during extreme maneuvers.
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