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Been there :D


Last time I got *really* drunk, I was drinking tequila with another Marine vet. I haven't touched tequila since and never will. :no: Godawful lousy stuff, was sick for a week. Thinking about it gives me headache...

Muhwahaahaha , :D , that's very scary. Happy Halloween ! :cheers:

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Yay for drinking.


I will not be taking it easy tonight. I think I'm going to buy a bottle of this:



Anyone tried it? I'm a fan of Jim Beam, but Cherry flavor? Red Stag, kind of a hardcore name for a pussified bourbon. I hope its tasty.



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Okay, so, I didn't exactly take it easy for night #2.


The good news is she was probably only twice my age, tops, and her son is probably younger than me.


And I'm going to blame that on Baby Duck champagne. Very classy drink. Not that I'm really complaining about how the night went.



Yeah... :doh:



By the way, the answer is 42.



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good job but just for asking questions how old are you ?


21. But I come off as 30~, or so I am normally told. Turns out she's 40. I thought she was 30ish. She probably thought I was too. Anyways, wasn't over twice my age. I should have known better when she straight up told me she was a cougar. Well, not that it would really have changed a thing.


Best part, one of my friends (22 or 23) took her friend home... She also is about 40, and no, I didn't think she was that old either.

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