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New product in the works at JCR Offroad

MiNi Beast

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They working on some good stuff over there. Here is what they got going...




Over the next week-couple weeks we will be working on prototypes to start building production parts from (Mostly XJ parts and pieces). So I figured I would post pictures here for everyone to take a look and give their opinions!


This was something we knocked out last friday. We get alot of questions about buying just the MJ rear bumper mounts' date=' but until now we had no way to make them quickly and nicely. Here are the Rear bumper mounts we will soon have up on our site: Be about $95 a pair.




Today we are working on 97-up XJ Rear 1/4 panel guards. These are the 97-up for jeeps with factory fender flares. These are made out of 1/4" steel.






These should be on our website forsale in the next couple days. We still have a few more things to adjust and get a full production setup ready.

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The nice thing is that I drive through Kalamazoo often (about once every two months). One of these times I'm going to stop in after I order something and save myself some cash on shipping.


I'd be willing to do that for other people too, but you gotta meet me on MY route to or from Madison... :thumbsup:


JCR makes good stuff, I'm glad to see them doing well in a tough economy.

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Thanks for the post!


Some new equipment has made it easier to make rear MJ bumper mounts, so the price has came down on those as well jamminz.gif


http://www.jcroffroad.com/Merchant2/mer ... y_Code=MJB



Did the price for the mounts separately come down too, or just the complete bumper?


Not to sound ungrateful,

that is a GREAT price for the whole bumper (esp considering there's not many others doing an MJ rear :thumbsup: ),


but I'm on the fence about buying mounts (vs cutting up my current rear bumper)

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