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badlands june 12-14


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I was originally going to, but instead we are having a tailgate party followed by watching the Cleveland Indians beat the St. Louis Cardinals on the 13th.


Want to make it out to Badlands some time this year, but do not see it happening until at least September/October.

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DAMMIT! :fs1:


Sorry man, I got $50 left, and I have it figured to be about $45 one way. If I had enough to get there and back, I'd gladly go the rest of the month flat broke.


someday, someday.


I'm hoping yet this summer, as I have a grant request in through the CFLF (Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation) for $500. It's also a recreational grant, so they know exactly what I'd be using it for.

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Pat - Looks like I won't be able to make it either now.


Buddy of mine called me tonight when I was over at Correy's place (we accidentally swapped a few tools on Sunday, got things figured out now). My friend needs some help on his brakes this weekend and considering that he let me borrow his trailer to get my crap over here to WI, I kinda gave him priority...


Figured I would let you know ASAP.

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it's cool man. beaterjeep may be coming with now (by may I mean is. we got him covered for the trip :D)



I'm just about ready for the trip.


with the help of wade, aaron, mike, and zach (mike and zach were moral support earlier today when I was wrestling with the trackbar mount), we got alot done.


(everything is used but new to truck lol)

new HEIM on trackbar

new HD trackbar mount

new steering box brace

new nuts on UCA body side bolts (they had fallen off somewhere... :hmm: :rant: :idea: )

front bumpstops complete (thanks to Aaron and his redneck ideas...we used my Hi-Lift, ratchet straps, and crobars to pop the pass. side coil out so I could drill the bucket for the hockey puck bumpstops)

new rear diff fluid (I was concerned about a noise coming from the rear so I popped it and drained it, cleaned it, resealed filled and done)


I also removed my swaybar links so I can throw the old RC discos back on it for the trip until I re-engineer my POS JKS discos.



need to do:

new upper and lower rear shock mounts, triangulated

new rear bumpstops

swaybar discos

bfg m/t's thrown on the rear

grease everything

finish h20 proofing the cab

find a better ground for the CB antenna


if there is time, I will also drain the front diff and weld the spiders...I have a manual vacuum switch for the disco, so it won't affect my road driving :D


hopefully gonna get off work early today and then I can get the rear shocks and such done, and thursday before I go to my night job I'll finish the rest of it.

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swaybar discos temp'd to work for this trip.

front brake lines dropped to accomodate the flex....even with the longer dakota lines I'm afraid they'll break.

not gonna redo rear shock mounts....I just threw on a set of my $#!&ty RC rear shocks so I don't have to worry about damaging them, and I don't have to mess with rear bumpstops for this trip.


left to do;

grease everything up

re-seal gas tank sending unit with seal-all on the O-ring and sending unit to stop the leak (sending unit has a couple of pitts on the O-ring surface and so it leaks)

prep rear 33x10.50 bfg m/t's and swap my best tread 33x10.50 bfg a/t's onto the front

pack trail gear

remove front brake dust shields

top off all fluids

install mounting disc for GPS on dash.



that should pretty much be it on the truck to get me to and through this trip :D



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How much air did Pat get?


I should have gone with you guys. The Cardinals won and all I got is seagull poop on my shirt and a lousy Shin-Soo Choo bobble head.


We did stick around after the game to watch "Major League" on the jumbotron.

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