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Line-X the whole body?

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I've read a lot about guys putting Line-X or Herculiner in their beds, on the interior floor, or on the rockers.


But has anyone done their entire body? I've seen some Wranglers that had it done, and they look pretty nice. Take a look:



Any photos or comments about this?

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My 2 cents (which is really worth less than that :brows: ):


Seems expensive and looks kinda silly. I'd rather rattle can it and keep it smooooth.


Check out Lead_Not_Follow's build thread here. He did a really nice job on it and I think he was saying it only cost him around $30 in paint. It would be easy to touch up and hell if you didn't like it, buy $30 more of spray paint and start over.


Here's the man in action:


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I agree about the line-x looking too rough. What about POR-15, i know it would be more expensive, but its smooth and functional. Getting back to the rattle can paint job, would it be wise to use a rattle can clear coat also?


Erik :beerhead:


I wouldnt

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I'm in So.Fl,lotsa mud.

A couple guys in my local club have done it and are

sorry.It is a beeeeyotch to get the sand out of the

rough surface.


edit;line-x,that is;edit


I always wondered if that would be a problem and I guess it is. Even more reason to avoid bedlining the outer body....

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I did that. I went with Rhino lining. Now my rockers are rotted out, the liner is peeling and it's an absolute mess. Others have had better results.


On a side note, I would not go with Rhino again. The spray-on procedure is very complicated and does not lend itself to accomplishing weird spray patterns and does not allow fixing problems as they arise during the process. Once you turn on the spray gun, you can't turn it off. Use your imagination.

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If I had a rig just for wheeling and the cash to sink into doing a line-x all over job,, heck yeah I would... Think how tough it'd be.. Not worrying about limbs or branches and still come out of the woods looking half way decent...


:agree: That's exactly what I was thinking JT. On a DD, I think it looks like crap. That pink? CJ was a joke. At least he could have left his flares black, why do they even need to be covered? Duh.

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Thanks for the replies.


After some research, it seems that getting an entire MJ Line-Xed would cost about $1,000 .... maybe more.


For that kind of money, I think I'd rather have a DIY paint job for $100 and get some off-road bumpers for the truck instead.

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I don't know if I'd do the whole truck.


We Herculined the bottom 1/3 of my kids truck. Looks pretty decent and it was an easy way to cover up the corner replacements without doing a ton of body work. Still need to do the fenders once I get the new/non cutup ones painted



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