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I guess I have another project...

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Not so much project as an introduction, but I figured I might get a few questions on it so what the hey.

MJ is an '88, 4.0l, AW4, 231, long bed

-D44 front/ alloys/ lockrite/ warn hubs/ 5.13 yukons/ GreatLakeOffroad cover

-D44 rear/ spool/ traction bar/ 5.13 yukons

-Full hydraulic steering using single ended ram mounted to 1.5" .375" 4140 tie rod

-38.5x14.5x15 TSL SX's on DIY beadlocks

-front leaf spring conversion, 15" front shocks

-sheet metal dash with all autometer guages


-RCI buckets and harnesses

-Warn M8000

-bobbed/ boattailed/ boatsides...lots more I'm forgetting.

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Thats cool. Current plan is fluidyne radiator mounted in the bed with 2 12" fans, remote mount trans cooler, swap from the current 10" front shocks to the new 15"s and build a tube structure for the front and hang the factory sheetmetal off that.

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Yesterday I got the wiring harness shortened and spliced. had to take 36" out the main harness and remount all RENIX goodies on the firewall plus made some progress tonight. cut through the firewall(PITA!!!) and got the upper hoop bent to tie into the existing cage.

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Ok, I got the fenders on but I have run into an isseu. The front header panel won't sit far back enough to connect to the fenders so I can do a few things; one would be not run the header panel at all, also could legnthen the fenders to reach or I can run the header panel chopped up to let the upper tube come through( where my problem lies.) Give me some input on this, as I'm unsure on what I want to do and wether not I want to put that much time into something I know is goint to get broke. I really want it to stay Jeep looking but I am at a crossroads here.

Also in the pic here you can tell exaclty how much has been ditched from the front.

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Made some more progress tonight. Got the hood and bumper cut down, more tube into it, new header panel trimmed and the fenders in a temp position. Front ain't going to line up perfect but it looks like the grill/ header panel issue won't be terrible.

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