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  1. should I see If I can pull the ax 15 out of it because I want one really bad for mine?
  2. I just texted my friend to see If he can gimme a ride. bro my heart is pumping
  3. bruh I have to go there right now
  4. I wanna do this but with a j10/20 on an f series chassis with a cummins as a tow rig in the future
  5. fun it looks kinda cool
  6. well drive it out to utah every other weekend and you'll get their in no time
  7. yeah 500 bucks for the rear bumper just with a truck attached
  8. I'm looking forward to hitting 400k only 88,000 to go
  9. I'm no expert but it might be like somehow his laptop doesn't have enough juice to go the whole length of the cable?
  10. pretty self explanatory problem. I've been pbblastering it for a month now and it's yet to budge.
  11. that makes sense it always seemed deeper idk
  12. that one was a deeper red had not sports bar and bed rails
  13. that makes sense. you do you
  14. yes but the frame was also cracked and I'm gonna add adjustable lumbar support and headrests out of a wj seat. and the springs where sagged a whole host of reasons why I cut the rear foam out. my vinyl sample has yet to come from sms but once I order that I'll start sewing new covers. My dad used to work at a local shop that made really bomber backpacks and has a nice machine that I've sewn several packs with so.
  15. you might want to contact them
  16. little update. been swamped with school and a kitchen remodel. A few things got my rear bumper off and stripped down my bench seat because I'm gonna add headrests heated seats and adjustable lumbar support. and I'm making a custom headliner
  17. thats actually pretty cool looking
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