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  1. Currently, my front height is 8.5” The rear height (with the 8.8 axle) is around 8.75” at the driver’s, and 9.3” at the passenger side. I’ve always had a rear height discrepancy from side to side
  2. Thank you everyone for the helpful info! I’ve reached out to a few more companies, but have yet to try Alcan. Hell Creek’s 4.5” lift spring has a 1440# spring rate, which is plenty I think. They were very helpful when I inquired about this. I know they don’t make their own springs anymore, but they do use a US manufacturer and their original specs. [mention]Pete M [/mention] Let me get back to you on that. I will say, I am running XJ UpCountry coils (CC784) with a 3/4” spacer, if I’m not mistaken. My rear springs are factory 4x4 with some S10 bits mixed in, and C1500 drop shackles. I hate th
  3. Just what we all need is another leaf spring thread, but I am having difficulty finding what I need. I’ve been under the impression that I could order a custom set from General Spring, but that is not the case. I am currently running an 8.8 rear axle on my 88 swb 4x4. I am using a bastard-pack and Chevy drop shackles to fit 31’s and keep a rake to the stance. I typically have a camper top and gear/tools in the bed, and the current springs are way too soft. I am planning on running 32’s soon, but want to change my leaf springs first. My problem is with the increased tube diameter of the 8.
  4. https://asheville.craigslist.org/rvs/d/asheville-pop-up-truck-camper/6874136066.html Would be awesome to see this on an MJ! It’s near me in Asheville, NC for only $800. I’m tempted to grab it, but have too much stuff as is!
  5. Hey guys. I can put some things together as well, but my skills are very limited. I am going to keep messing with designs as I enjoy it anyhow. I get my stickers printed at Sticker Mule. They are not the cheapest, but are of great quality and they hold up very well. I have gotten a lot of stickers printed through them for a small personal business. I can also get quotes for digitally or screen printed shirts here locally. Let me know what you guys think and I will see what else I can come up with. Here is a quickie I did this evening: I don't necessarily like how the website is
  6. I just recently went through all this. There is some info in my build thread and pictures from when I did it. I went with LuK for pretty much everything. The only problem I have had so far is the master cylinder seems to have been defective and now I see it is leaking. Its only a few months old. It was a LuK unit I got on Amazon. I am going to try another brand and replace it, but I imagine it was just a defective part.
  7. A long night in the garage with much success! I finally gathered all the parts I needed and decided to start on the front suspension tonight. I had already installed the WJ LCAs and ZJ tie rod. Tonight, I installed a new MJ drag link, and the CC784 coils (V8 ZJ UpCountry). They are variable rate, and noticeably beefier compared to the factory MJ springs. I also replaced the spring isolators with a Moog replacement. I installed JKU Rubicon shocks on the front fresh off the USPS truck (Thanks hornbrod!). I put on the 31s/15x8 Canyons before I tackled the front to see how much space I had. It
  8. I like those SporTruck decals! I haven’t seen many with that style.
  9. Haha, yeah really! We can probably all relate to that in one form or another. The price is a bit high on this one for the condition it’s in.. but, damn that front end has been growing on me lately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. This is located near me in Western North Carolina. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2115446605450950/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What is the status? Figure out anything @Tony el Tigre? If not, do you hear the fuel pump cut on when you turn on the ignition?
  12. I have a fascination with polishing turds! Haha. I was just thinking, the other day, about needing a sticker of a little pile of poop with a sparkle on it. I do like to try and use what is available, and reduce/reuse/recycle as much as I can. I find it satisfying and hunting for parts is fun, and better for my wallet. However, I do think I will purchase those springs in the future, but I can't justify the $520+ cost at this time to bring the rear up a little. Thank you though @HOrnbrod. Are those the springs you are running on your 91?
  13. Barn find freebie. Was covered in decades of dust. It's an old LEER Knight for a foreign truck of some sort. It works great, I sleep back there all the time while truck camping.
  14. I need to decide on what to use and find a donor set of leaves to bring the rear up. I have some old YJ springs that I disassembled, but they feel a bit flimsy and worthless for anything. I may try cutting the ends off the main just to try, but I think truck springs are a better bet. I have access to a set of 77 Wagoneer springs that could be of use..
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