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  1. Take a hard look at the rear window glass where it is set in the metal frame. Mine looked like the rubber between the glass and the frame was deteriorated. I ran some silicone caulk around the glass and frame. Wouldn't be surprised if the weatherstripping on your slider was worn out too. Agree on the radio antenna grommet, although that should only affect the passenger side (mine had fallen out). There are several posts on the site in reference to water leaks. Review those if you haven't already. In them you will see a recommendation to use baby powder to help track down leaks.
  2. If you are looking for the metal trim around the window opening, they are the same on 4 door Cherokees. Sorry, don't have any laying around, but I see them on the now rare Cherokee in the junkyard. Next time I go, I'll look, but it may be a while.
  3. The two typical reasons the lights don't work are a bad bulb (obviously), and corrosion on the bulb connection and switch contacts.
  4. The lens does not come off, you remove the entire assembly. This photo shows the side with the flexible plastic "clips" (the tan-ish pieces in the photo), that break pretty easily (another reason for people to look for different lights).
  5. Lowe's pulled the same B.S. on me two weeks ago when I tried to exchange a Craftsman ratchet and 8mm socket. They wanted me to bring in my set with original purchase receipt. I said "My whole 400 piece set that I bought 15 years ago with receipt? You must be out of your mind!" Went to Ace and they were able to order a replacement ratchet. Good old Ace. Need to go there more. They always seem to be able to help...and willing to help. Can't get 10 feet into the store without someone asking you what you need help with. Seems like Lowe's wants to sell the tools but not service them. Called Craftsman and they sent me a new 8mm socket. Effing Lowe's...I was going to go in and buy a new water heater too. Told the wife let's go, we gave Home Depot our money instead. I'm done with Lowe's.
  6. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Mainly because that was the first movie my wife and I saw when we were dating. To be that young again....
  7. The headlight switch (dash dimmer switch) isn't rotated all the way is it? Gotta ask.
  8. Man....always enjoyed reading his posts. My sincere condolences to the family, friends, and Comanche Club members,
  9. Start with Cruiser's tips. Cruiser54.com Another thing to check is that the electrical connector on the back of the instrument cluster in fully seated. But you gotta read and knock out many of those tips.
  10. I used Rustoleum semi-gloss black on the front end (did the back bumper too). Took the bumper off, sanded it, and rattle-canned it in my car port.
  11. To remove the trim from the door, you have to take all the glass out (having done it a few times, it's not that daunting), remove the inside and outside scraper seals (easy), and the window channel (easy). The trim is just wedged on around the door frame (like a pinch seal) and comes off with some gentle prying from the inside edge. Remove the lower trim first. It's kind of one of those things to do when you have another reason to be gutting the door. It could be possible to remove the lower trim without taking all the glass out, but I haven't tried that. It would seem that the triangle window would be in the way on attempting to remove and reinstall the lower trim. If you are wanting to remove all the trim around the window (probably because the black coating is peeling off or painting the door), definitely remove all the glass.
  12. Are you talking about the lower silver metal trim in the photo (yours might be black)?
  13. Sometimes I had to remove the rear bolts completely to allow the pump to move that little bit more.
  14. Model, year-ish? That way I could look around the junkyard.
  15. I have replaced mine twice over the years. Just got what AutoZone had. Now makes me think, it was about every 10 years.....I'm going to be due soon.
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