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  1. Question 1: Primarily 70's and 80's rock / metal. Question 2: The Wall and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (I know...the Beatles aren't "quite" either 70's or rock/metal...but it's a good album).
  2. Oh...and the horizontal one in the center can be a challenge.
  3. Since I have a dash out on a Cherokee....yes there are tabs on the top and bottom that you can push towards the vent to disconnect from the housing. I use a dental pick and a thin flat "spatula" that I got a thrift tore for 10 cents. They are loose because the felt strips attached to the inside of the vent have fallen off. The square one on the passenger side uses two felt tabs glued to the diffuser.
  4. SVPete


    Like fiatslug.....I still have some of mine from the 80's. Had a lot more then though.
  5. Another good bit to know. Thanks.
  6. I have the entire vent window assembly (both driver and passenger).
  7. Still looking for them? Picked up a set today from the junkyard.
  8. I know of six in my town of 46K owned by people I have met face-to-face including mine. I have seen four of those driving around, mine included. Thought I saw production numbers before....something like 200-250K total production between 1986-1992.
  9. I've got to agree.....if you were trying to do that, you would likely fail.
  10. This is a flow chart I draw regularly at work....usually in meetings with new leaders: O It is a little rounder when I draw it.
  11. The actual swivel vent comes out. The two molded pins that it pivots on, flex to allow you to remove it. Same for all vents. Since you have the panel out, it should be relatively easy to see how the are installed. Sorry - don't have a picture of it. Removing them lets you do a good cleaning. Doesn't really help the bigger question of removing the entire black plastic assembly.
  12. Yep. That was happening on an XJ I bought at the beginning of the year.....the harmonic balancer pulley (metal) was also cutting into the timing cover. Owner was spraying silicone spray on the belt to make the sound go away.
  13. I drilled around the broken screw, pulled it out, filled the hole with a chopped fiberglass/epoxy mix, put the marker light back up there and re-drilled a hole.
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