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  1. I finished the install of the mud flaps today. I used strokercomanches tutorial but utilized the factory XJ rear brackets in my install.
  2. I did Dremel the head off and the bolt cam right out. Dremel was small enough to access to the head of the stud.
  3. Thats what I thinking. Using and Dremel with a cutoff wheel and then punching out the stub. I just didn't know if there are any threads in the bracket or is it a friction fit stud.
  4. Has anyone ever pressed one out or does it have to be drilled?
  5. One of the nuts for the mounting bracket on the front snapped off. It should be loads of fun getting the stud out to be able to use a new bolt.
  6. After searching for countless hours I finally stumbled across this new old stock set for an XJ. The fronts were missing one of the brackets and the hardware, but the rears had everything. I will be installing them this weekend. I plan to replicate the front bracket and I am going to attempt to use the rear brackets for the XJ using some inspiration I got from the many articles on this site. Here is the eye candy....
  7. Thanks for the response. I don't think I am getting ant hardware with the flaps so I would like to find a set mounting brackets for the fronts as well. Chris
  8. Hello, I just scored a set of NOS XJ mud flaps and would like to locate a set of the rear MJ mounting brackets. I am trying to keep the truck stock as mush as possible. I know Krusty doesn’t make them anymore, I was just fishing to see if someone has a set they would let go or if there is a pattern that is available for me to make them myself. Thanks Chris
  9. Sorry Jason. My bad. I didn't think to check if there is a wanted section. Can you move the post there for me? Thanks Chris
  10. Hello all, I am looking for a set of seat belt plastic sheaths for my Comanche with a Charcoal Gray bench seat. Number 5 and 6 in the parts diagram. Just the sheaths will do. Also if anyone knows of a source to get them NOS. Thanks, Chris
  11. Thanks. The final step at the end was to cut the fuel line to length and install the factory vacuum line onto it.
  12. SOLVED! FUNCTIONING! I tested my repair with the drilled out jet today and it was a fail. I decided to take the Servo off and take it apart. The plastic 90 degree vacuum fitting that exists the plastic Servo housing had broken off further inside the housing than I had expected. My fix was to use a Dremel with a mini cut of wheel to reshape the 90 degree plastic fitting that is in the housing. I then used some chainsaw fuel line. I heated up the end just enough to get it to fit onto the newly formed nipple. The fuel line which is now an air line exits the Servo through the pre-existing hol
  13. I took a jet from a carburetor that I had and drilled it out with 1/8 drill bit(the pic of the jet is prior to drilling out with 1/8 bit). Then I used a 11/64 drill bit to drill out the plastic opening in the servo. I then self tapped the brass jet into the plastic. Worked like a charm. I will test it tomorrow:
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