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  2. A few months have passed, with two vacations, multiple 12 hour shifts, installing new shop lights so I can see what the heck I am doing,  and a pregnant wife of 6 months, the XJ is completely gone, body and all. 


    The engine had had a blown piston skirt, milkshake, and the oil pump showed signs of imminent failure. After ordering a remanded 0331 head with a 5 year warranty, I’m left trying to order parts for the remainder of the engine internals


    My goal is to get the engine rebuild completely done within the next two weeks, then start tearing down the Comanche and prepping for the “new” parts. I uploaded some progress pictures from the week or so of total work I did. Keep in mind, it is just me tearing this down so time is wasted with trying to maneuver certain thing so I don’t have to ask for help from my wife or someone from work.










  3. 84 to 95 XJ and all MJs are the same. Variations will be column shift or floor shift, tilt or non-tilt.
  4. Does anyone know what steering columns will work on my 87 MJ? It is a 4.0 l6 if it makes a difference Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well, i know a gas version would be the ultimate portable pole saw, but they are way out of my price range and i don't like fooling with mix gas if i can avoud it. I don't have a landscaping company, but I do light landscaping for various clients as well as my own. I guess I'll just have to take the plunge and let you know how it works.
  6. Does anyone know what steering columns will work on my MJ? - it’s a 4.0 l6 if that matters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  8. ............there you sit drinking beer for 1.5 hours while you recharge.
  9. I'm in the final stages of wiring in my 99 interior into my 89. My hazards are coming on but nothing else. Anyone on here that had done this swap please chime in and give me a couple pointers. Thanks.
  10. totally understand that. doing the basic trimming uses about 3/4 of the battery so it works out well for us.
  11. Last thing I have to say........bouncing off your post............ It takes me about 2 hours to trim my grass here, lots of areas that are inaccessible with a tractor. Cordless is out of the question. As for the pole saw- You are trimming your palm trees and you get down the last 4 palm fronds, unless you have multiple batteries............there you sit for 1.5 hours while you recharge. And the worst thing you can do is let your expensive battery packs idle for the off-season.
  12. I don't know how well it translates to mini-chainsaws, but I've been very pleased with our 40v Kobalt weedwacker. would never go back to gas. having said that, I have a Stihl chainsaw and love it too.
  13. You asked for thoughts............... I have a wealthy customer who bought into the cordless lawn tool crap, chainsaw, weedeater, pole saw.............etc........ All laying in the corner of his garage collecting dust. Conversely, I bought an Echo trimmer precisely 10 years ago to the month, used in on multiple properties over the years (I mowed three properties per week for years), ZERO maintenance other than converting the spool. Carb finally bit the dust last month, rather than $84 for a new carb I replaced the trimmer three weeks ago with a new Echo. I'm all about cordless......love the electrics, but............S---- is just S----.
  14. Pm sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ugg, 1986 jeep Comanche. 2.5 5 speed 4x4. I just did a wj dual brake booster swap. And a 8.8 axle swap too. I can bleed the rear brakes fine. Left front also. But the right front, %#×@+@%!!!! I took out the booster, and the master cylinder. To access the distribution block. I undid the right side brake line and blew it our with an air compressor. Re assembled it. Still can't get fluid to the front right. Can a distribution block get plugged? Is it a dealer item only?
  16. Smokeyyank


    Yep, love me some flat, black discs! I started collecting vinyl about 15 years ago. I'm huge into punk (not Blink 182, offspring, Greenday BS) and most of the albums where only published on vinyl and super limited numbers, I have a few that are 1 of 100 pressings. I'm kind of pissed vinyl made a come back because it's a fortune now. I never bought it as an investment, just simply wanted to have the REAL recording of music other than rely on youtube. Now I've started to buy classic rock albums, really don't care if they are original pressing just want to listen to them. I enjoy the ritual of laying down vinyl and listening to a full album. Been totally diggin on Cosmos factory from CCR lately. I got one of these https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/665940-REG/Audio_Technica_AT_LP60_AT_LP60_Fully_Automatic_Belt_Drive.html?ap=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAjw67XpBRBqEiwA5RCocUirr20ATA8trudx14z459z-CzkKa6C5fP66aESwH4ssilQ5tARaHBoCYWQQAvD_BwE Hook it up to my little computer speakers and it's perfect.
  17. I understand. Let me have your zip and I will check it out.
  18. I always see plenty of those component turn tables and they always look beat to hell which is sad. They make great cleaning stations though.
  19. This is another one I'm looking at https://www.amazon.com/Greenworks-Cordless-Battery-Included-20672/dp/B00AW72WR0/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=cordless+pole+saw&qid=1563309168&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Any thoughts?
  20. kryptronic


    I've always thought about trying to find a component turntable to hook into my receiver. I've just always thought about it too late - with a record in hand, ready to play.
  21. My last pole saw was a corded Remington. A real power house and the saw was able to be detached and used as a regular electric chainsaw. I really liked it, but the pole broke and it was heavy as a mother.
  22. I’m happy to report that I just scored the bracket, actuator, cable, and vacuum lie off a xj at the junk yard for $10! Just gotta find a stalk and my Comanche will have cruise control too!
  23. Really? That’s sucks. I have two turntables. One is a portable Crossley which plays alright for $80 if you are interested in that route. And I have an old Panasonic turn table from the 80’s(has a quartz display) that I found at goodwill that only does 7” and 12”. I got it for a steal for $7 and all it needed was a new needle. I actually really love that turn table. But there’s some decent ones floating around
  24. From what I remember, I put a flathead screwdriver between the vent and dash at the top, pressed down and out. There is a piece that can fall into the vent so be careful.
  25. kryptronic


    I have my family's Christmas album collection on 33s. Probably 50 or so albums my parents collected when they first got married. Lately it's been a challenge to find a working record player over the holidays to listen to them.
  26. IF such thing exists i won´t be a bolt on upgrade, so why bother? go full electric or put a plastic one like me. if you can have more airflow at least ditch some weight
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