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Exhaust rebuild on 86 XLS 2.8L V6

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I’ve been trying to piecemeal together an exhaust system to replace a rusted out pipe and bracket system on my 86. I’ve gotten everything except the Y pipe, everything I’ve seen in the documentation show a single pipe coming off the manifold, but there is a y pipe to replace that the bracket is rusted where it connects to the catalytic converter. Does anybody have a line on where I can find it or source one, I’m not sure the part number.  I’m going to try to save the y pipe by grinding the rusted bolts out of the square adapter, but I have everything else I need. 

yes I get it, my amazing of technical speak may blow people away, but I’m just looking for guidance. Thanks in advanced. I’ve scrubbed the old threads similar to this question, but all the links are dead now.

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12 hours ago, DzienManche said:

Walker Exhaust 40212 Exhaust Y Pipe https://a.co/d/03uN0uY Looks very close. But scamazon says it won’t fit.

That will not work. I believe at this point the Y pipe is unobtainium. The only one I knew of I helped sell to someone else.

Best bet would probably be to have a shop make one. Or check around to old parts stores, not chain stores and see if they have any old pipes kicking around. You may get lucky like I have, and helped many others as well

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