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Cornfed's 89 Comanche

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Alrighty yall welcome to the thread I have only one request if you hop in and read just comment hi.20210906_085328.jpg.cc8b2e496593dcda3ed222d5703d8ed9.jpg


So I'll start with the history of the truck it was bought new by my grandfather's father in law. He sold it to his daughter.


My father bought it roughly 15 years ago and wrecked it. Not his fault car pulled out in front of him running a stop sign and well now the front end don't match. He had it for maybe a year on the road when it was wrecked. It sat in a hay field for 12 years and the only rust was the floor panels. He gave it to me and it has been my first vehicle. Its an 89 Jeep Comanche Pioneer and has the 2.5l 4 speed in it and is 2 wheel drive.


I've had it for 2 years and done most all of the work to it. We straightend the fram where it was bent when wrecked it probably isn't perfect but it'll get down the road fine. We put the front end off of a Cherokee on it

We put a sensor on it, I don't remember what it was called I can take a picture if curious. We installed a new fuel pump and got it running. 


Fast forward about 6 to 8 months. I put some high octane fuel system cleaner in it and caused myself issues. I didn't realize the fuel tank was as rusted as it was and it broke the rust lose. So I ordered and installed a new tank was a hundred dollars on ebay. 


When I first got the truck I installed a new radio system. My speaker wires weren't any good any more due to mice having been in the truck while it was parked. The hot wire from the fuse box was also bad. I originally replaced the the hot wire straight from the factory fuse with a temporary fix. I properly ran all new speaker wiring keeping it hidden in side the trim. I ran on either side of the truck speaker wires behind the seat and installed a couple of speaker boxes.


Next project on the list was installing license plate lights. My original lights were burnt out. So I took it upon myself to do some amateur wiring. I cut and stripped the wires and done something stupid. I twisted the wires together and heat shrunk them. In hindsight I should've learned to do it right but I didn't because I was stupid I unhooked my right tail light and it is still.


I had Flowmaster exhaust installed by my local muffler shop and would definitely recommend it. Mine was rusted through so bad you could run your hand through it from one end to the other. Had duals ran out the back while I was working and again in hindsight because I wasn't the one who was there to do it. So my exhaust was ran on the inside of the frame rails and now needs to be reworked in order to fit my trailer hitch. So it'll go back to the muffler shop  after I install the hitch when it comes in the mail.20201017_121515.jpg.7fa3181a05a8ab30a7134fd627fd8099.jpg


After that a few months went by about 6. I decided it was time to properly do the radio. I bought a small 5 fuse fuse box. I ran a power wire from the battery through an existing hole in the fire wall with a grommet. I ran the power from the radio into its own fuse in that box. I then wired up my 12v plug because I didn't have one from the factory. I left the remaining 3 fuses alone for the time being but have plans for each.


I later installed a cb radio into the pickup. I'm a truck driver for a living so I had a spare sitting around and got bored. It's wired directly into my fuse box and temporarily zip tied into the passenger floor board. I have a basic magnet mount antenna on the roof but will eventually change it out and use some of my extra antennas for it.20210914_122653.jpg.921e513b07fd1cdbf04a69a72a924992.jpg20210914_200043.jpg.d04ac152828aa51d60bedb66aae25981.jpg


 While I've had time off and have spent a lot of money this week.

So starting out this week I got very active on the forums here. I had read slightly in the past but I have been hooked this week. So to start the week I found out that @krustyballer16 makes and sells hitches for the comanches. So I contacted him and ordered one and cannot wait for it to get here. Will update when I install it. I ordered a headlight switch in an attempt to fix my interior lights seen that tip on the forum. I bought and will install the electric 4 way relay because I have switched all the lights but the headlights over to leds. I also have to I stall the front two turn signal bulbs I had to have those ordered because they're amber. 


I took the idea from another member and have painted the rings around my taillights black. I will install them Friday waiting on my reverse lights to come in. 




I have ordered the pcv line and what I heard was called the ccv line for the motor because there leaking where they go into the valve cover and are creating blowby. I will order a new oil cap tomorrow when I get my parts. It appears to be leaking as well. Those three are the only oil leaks on the truck.


I bought and installed a battery mount yesterday as it had been sitting lose. I've got led lights ordered to install behind the dash. I have led lights ordered to replace the hvac light bulb to fix it... I didn't realize there was one back there till I read the forum. I've got Euramtec universal lights for the b pillar cab light as one is missing and I want a matching set. This assumes I fix the interior lights without running new wires. Those are found on ebay only cost me 20 dollars a piece. I found out one of my radiator bolts were broken and replaced them both yesterday. Tomorrow's plan is to replace the headlight switch and hvac light and then test the light plug to see if that fixes my interior lights. May have to get creative and run all new wiring. I'm going to replace the b pillar lights bulbs with blue leds going for a theme. Got a lot of ideas.


Aside from replacing the air filter and every hose in the top of the motor and attempting to fix interior lights I have no plans to start any new projects at this time. However I do have a few future projects in mind. To start I need a new headliner and have to reupholster the sun visors. I want to do those in leather and burn them with the words CornFed's Commanche on both of them. I got plans to use a western themed fabric on the headliner. I want to add led rope lighting into the bed under the frame rails. I also want to put them in the tool box. They'll be wired into a switch in the cab and wired into my secondary fuse box. I need to fix the license plate lights and my one taillight but it's getting cold to lay on concrete outside so I'm waiting till my hitch comes in. Then I'll need to get exhaust reworked. Then I'll be pretty well satisfied until I can afford to paint it. If I ever get a wild hair I may 4x4 swap it.


I'll update the thread when I do more projects and will definitely add more pictures expect the thread to be updated for a couple more days but then I'm going to have to go back to work so I may not be able to spend much time on it. Especially considering I'm buying another project truck tomorrow probably. 89 Chevy K2500 4x4 350 with a 4speed. May do a thread on it in the other section for outside vehicles. Hope yall enjoy the read I plan to start doing more before during and after pictures. Yall have a good un coming at you from Ky.

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Alrighty another day finished and lord it's been a long one tinkering with the truck. I started the day off by pulling both plastic headlight trim pieces off and replacing the turn signals with amber leds that I had on order and picked up yesterday afternoon.  Then went ahead and installed my led flasher relay which come in on Tuesday. However the ground cable wasn't long enough to reach anything I could see to ground it and had to make an extension cord. All the turn signals and 4was work perfectly now.20211104_115334.jpg.0385a679989ed8d4964d0b86bc38072b.jpg20211104_111907.jpg.76899fb29092915011c59f3b977f6164.jpg


Next project for the day was supposed to be install the pvc hose and the other line. Then order a new oil cap because the universal one the parts store had wouldn't fit. So I was gonna return it and ordered a few other odds and ends. However I didn't go to town today. So dang.


I ordered a headlight switch and decided to replace it in hopes it would fix my interior lights. It took me a while to figure out to pull the gauge cluster out. I didn't realize there is a nice hole behind the clock panel so you can unplug the speedo.  Thanks to the comanche club I do now.


Originally because I was an idiot after swapping the switch I have somehow magically gotten power to the light plugs. However here's where I'm stupid. I turned on the interior lights and didn't notice a change in consistency with the plug. I was grounded on door frame. Well I was disappointed and couldn't figure out why they didn't work. So I pulled up the wiring diagram for the lights and studying a minute I figured it out. I grabbed a nail and stuck it in my test light. I hooked the hot up to the tip of the driver and stuck the nail in main ground all is good. I had the doors open I hooked to the black and white wire nothing. I turned them on manually and we grounded out so success they will work when I get the new Euramtec universal lights in.1367211678_Screenshot_20211104-214758_SamsungNotes.jpg.3ee74e93b064563df12ffb896540ee8c.jpg


Another project today was figuring out why my passenger side taillight didn't light up the marker lights. Well it's because I had it unhooked when I hooked up the license plate lights. Success was made again using a jumper lead. So now tomorrow when I go to town I'm getting new led lic plate lights and going to properly wire everything back in.


Next I went to swapping leds. I put in my new led 94 bulb into my hvac controls and by God we have light for the first time in years. It is a beautiful sight and I am In love with how it looks. I've got blue led dashlights coming in tomorrow so they'll be swapped in and I'll reinstall the dash. I also swapped the dummy lights like seatbelt and the shift light over to leds since I had several in the kit. All 4 of my lights have been replaced and work.20211104_204411.jpg.33f76d56acd6a821a04f49ddf0cfb3e5.jpg20211104_181700.jpg.59be9a719e05699263d99f791babb150.jpg



Future projects including tomorrow will be to paint the hitch I ordered. Install the dashlights and reassemble the dash. I need to put a new oil cap and the pvc line and the other in both of those are new I'll pick them up tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to order a new coolant reservoir because my lid is missing and they can't find it at the parts store.  Ive got the headlight harness conversion coming in next week so that'll be another project. I've got a cup holder project tomorrow that I seen on the forums and am gong to recreate. Finally I've got a set of chrome valve stem covers coming in to match my pass through valve stem caps which I also highly recommend. Other than that I can't think of anything else. I've had the truck out of commission since wed and it's starting to itch me the wrong way. Definitely would recommend doing an led swap. Loving the plans for the truck and can't wait to keep updating the thread.20211104_204336.jpg.306f253f51b97e56c56483160880b6b5.jpg20211104_204303.jpg.5d1052f0835ceeea953209a051204d31.jpg


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Alrighty yall good evening and hope yall are enjoying. I will say I am disappointed I didn't accomplish as much as I had wanted to and have a bad habit of not taking before during and after photos however I am trying to get better at it. 


So my first project today was a good one so good in fact I didn't even finish it. I put the trim panel that runs along the bottom of the dash halfway back on. I tinkered with some other odds and ins and just killed some time.


Well ups came while I was wasting time and delivered a handful of packages. My mirrors came in today so I pulled my right door panel off and put the right hand mirror on my truck and put it all back together. I'm so talented I didn't take a single picture of my new mirror. It only has the one on the drivers side from the factory.


Next I left and went to town I took the old Air filter with me the other day and ordered a new one. Never once so much as looked at it till I got home and they give me the wrong one. I ordered an upfitter switch because they only had one in stock. Last night I ordered the panels that hold switches in on either side of the steering colum. So I can have them separate from the dash panel. So when I remove it my switches stay put. They should be in this coming week. However I went to the parts store for two reasons. One was for my pcv line and another line. Neither of witch have came in and are already a day late. The other reason is because I need new door switches for the interior lights and I forgot to order them dang it.


So when I came home I put in the new reverse lights and bolted them back in place. Quick easy project as it was getting dark out. I had planned to put in all of my led dash lights but I needed one more so I bought a pack without paying attention. Led 1157 bulbs do not fit in the dash in case anyone was wondering. I know it takes a 194 bulb but I grabbed the wrong pack so tomorrow ill fix that. 20211105_192008.jpg.23d9e43ea9686d5527b332edf12a0d7c.jpg


I came home and had an email saying I had received my euramtec lights. However I didn't realize I forgot to check the mail so I could've changed those much earlier. However I did install one of them. But do not have it in place yet as I am putting blue leds in them before mounting them in their provided bezel. But one of them is installed. I will say you have to notch out the hole approximately a eighth of an inch. I done this with a folding utility knife. You could use a dremel but I didn't care enough to get it.20211105_183108.jpg.d9d84e123ff59ec9425e4ec01b95e0c2.jpg20211105_210130.jpg.21269ed434f5a76647da4b7f7d141685.jpg


Last project for the night was an inside project. I ordered a beige cupholder set which I didn't take a picture of before I "fixed it" so let me pull one from Amazon. I have and will get a photo of eventually a cup holder set in my truck I use the center seatbelt to hold it in place. However I travel with my dog most the time so he has to jump over it on a regular basis and I just don't care for how it looks. So I grabbed the dremel and gave it an attitude adjustment. Slid it in the truck and used a 2x4 to keep it from falling over. However I made a decision while thinking about it. I'm going to try and take the panel I cut off and put it on the backside that we see. I'm also going to cut the 2x4 to fit the shifter even with where it's raised and stain it and just leave it like that. I cut it flush so I could use 3m velcro to keep it in place but I prefer the stability this will provide. That's not a project I'm gonna rush it's just a whenever I get around to it thing.20211105_210123.jpg.2a3999981644af1ff7993893da4e92c0.jpg20211105_210113.jpg.f0830feb454c21c15d53d9a2362fd598.jpg1922167844_Screenshot_20211105-230452_AmazonShopping.jpg.de51ca43cf9e6c6845313ca7b1858148.jpg


As you can tell it is much much darker than it appears in the ad. One picture is with flash the other is with the new interior light and is facing the same as it was in the photo. Please ignore the cluter the truck is in a million pieces right now.


I honestly don't know what tomorrow's projects will be as I am stuck waiting on several parts. I will get the gauge cluster back in with all leds tomorrow for certain. However It doesn't do me any good if I can't start the motor while waiting on numerous hoses and an oil cap for the motor. My headlight harness Is supposed to be in this week. My led interior lights should be in Tuesday with my led license plate lights. Doing the entire light not just bulbs. My door switches may be in Sunday or Monday. I'll probably take one off the truck tomorrow so they have a reference they may have a couple universal ones in stock. Lots of fun I tell you. Any how I appreciate yall reading this. Hope yall enjoy watching the progress. I go back to work after next week and then the daily post or even weekly post will stop. 

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Forgot to add Rev light photo.
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  • Pete M changed the title to Cornfed's 89 Comanche

To start with aww thanks @Pete M never considered adding the year to the title. Today I done absolutely as little as I could. I put blue leds in the dash finally. Important note I'm changing them for a different set on Tuesday these have a microchip on the stem and prevents them from sliding all the way into the socket. So I'm changing them for some that will. I will update when I do because I don't know if they'll dim like these do. Please note note in the picture they're not as bright as they appear. I can read the gauges at max brightness. They're a lighter blue and not as bright but they dim. So I'm happy with it.20211107_005625.jpg.95395203351a1a4fcb3e8fe7d3e0befc.jpg


I wired up my other interior light and went hunting. I found my floor board plugs. I have no floor lights what so ever just the plug. Took the test light and checked them. They work so I ordered some 1 foot blue led strips that will be put in the floor board. If you've noticed a theme. 


I got in my oil cap and one of the hoses I need. I have an adapter kit sorta to replace the pcv line because no one can find the real one. Air filter will be in Thursday so you know. Dang it. Probably won't touch the truck again till sometime next week. Gonna try and get it running tomorrow morning but no promises. I'm hopefully going to look at another project truck tomorrow. Guys canceled on me twice but I'm still hoping. Hopefully gonna paint the hitch tomorrow morning. So it can be put on next week. Got to go to doc Monday so that'll be problematic as well for working on the truck. I'm hoping to get it running again. As always hope yall enjoy the read it's a short one tonight. Been busy today.20211107_005704.jpg.47e6987f239d4e524e7574b9add3824d.jpg

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Alright I have slipped a little far down the list. So I guess I need to bring myself back up a couple notches. I had to go to the doc the past two days and ain't had time to work on the truck since Saturday. 


However I did a little bit on and off. I put my blue led bulbs in the b pillar lights yesterday. I had been waiting on them to come in. Today I put in my floor lighting. It's just a plain blue led light strip. I wired it up with male spade connecters and put them in the factory plug for the floor board lights so that I didn't have to cut it off. I stuck a zip tie between the hot and ground so they couldn't touch and short out. Then I taped it so I can't fall out. I'm extremely satisfied with how nice the interior has turned out.20211110_181135.jpg.b7cb7d5079ce3ec829f11ab5a6ae1ab6.jpg20211110_181144.jpg.b2290e70b2c66543f8acdffa768540bc.jpg20211110_181203.jpg.36468fd749e3e442d999bf1d5a5b636c.jpg20211110_181211.jpg.087985f6614597334f6827c7e7beb969.jpg


I painted the hitch I bought from Krusty on Sunday aiming to have free time to install it and I haven't had the time to install it. It's supposed to rain the rest of the week so I may have to move stuff around so I can bring it in the garage. I'm hoping to install it tomorrow but no promises can be made. Once I install the hitch I need to wire up my lic plate lights. I'm just waiting to put the hitch on before I do that.


I started to install the headlight harness in the truck this evening but ran out of daylight. I will finish putting it together tomorrow. That's what I'd cluttering up my seat in the photos above. Once that's done I plan to replace them with hella h4 led kit but don't want to spend the money now.


  Hopefully I'll be able to make another post tomorrow. With a handful more photos.  Hope all yall have had a good few days. We shall meet again.

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56 minutes ago, Pete M said:

that is most definitely... blue.  :D 

Actually it isn't quite as blue as it looks the camera on the phone makes it look so much more blue than it is. It's a normal blue color but it isn't that strong. I may play with some filters to try and make it look normal.


Edit to add. I tried the filters none of them done anything to help me take the blue out of the photo.


The best way to describe it  is that it isn't so bright. You can still clearly see the black of the rubber floor board. I've got my grill in the truck its still clearly black the seat is still clearly tan buy my camera won't cooperate with me.

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Cause I wanted too after I tested something.
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Hitch is sort of on. I started the project myself and realized that I didn't want to snap off bolts or cut the exhaust off to mount the hitch. Took it to my new mechanic/previous and current exhaust guy. I had him to install the hitch. I've got him reworking the exhaust so it comes out beside the hitch. I've also got him wiring up my lic plate lights and my right taillight. 



However the man who made the hitch sent grade 2 bolts with it to mount it that's a soft bolt not good for that kind of project. I snapped off one of the original bumper bolts. He snapped off one of the new bolts for it. So I went to tsc got him some grade 8 bolts. Which are hard bolt and are good for towing.


I wound up dropping the truck off on Thursday. I expect to get a call today saying it's done. Hes a one man show and people are always interrupting his work as he also has a junkyard and an mj in it that I'm attempting to buy for parts. I'm hoping I get the truck back today as I miss it.


Then we'll get us a finished product picture. He also recommended someone in the area to paint the truck. Which is right here in my neck off the woods. I pass his place all the time and think about stopping in to see what kind of work he does. So I may stop by when I get the chance and see if he'd be interested in the work.17580172_20211111_154159(1).jpg.5f8eb7f3180e17740fddcaf52d0a2a37.jpg20211111_154204.jpg.086f3debd60ddbadafd42f84d4b845fa.jpg20211111_154220.jpg.da27825b581bf9f0a774cb0f656d6703.jpg20211111_154231.jpg.0bac14265e4072471ff16e3ebb363136.jpg448573921_20211111_163859(1).jpg.876c9a85be461389822738dc35547ef0.jpg

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Alrighty yall it's been a week since I have updated this thread so let's do that. I went back to work this week so my  time with the Manche (Yet to be named) came to a screeching halt.


However all is good now. I went Monday before I left for the week and got my truck back from the shop. Hitch was installed using new grade 8 bolts and the exhaust was reworked to go around the hitch. However the mechanic didn't get to installing the lic plate lights. They're in the holes but aren't wired up. I need to get to that but am not sure when I will, It's deer season In ky and I have other priorities don't yall judge me. 


So I started the weekend off with a little trouble shooting. I noticed after having replaced my dash lights that my 4 ways no longer functioned. Keep in mind all my lights except headlights are led. I replaced the relay when I did the initial swap last week and they had been working. So I figured either the switch had went bad which I figured was unlikely or I need incandescent bulbs in the dash for the turn signal bulbs. I replaced them back to the original bulbs and my 4 ways work again how wonderful.


Then I moved on to my horsepower increase 4 thousand. I had a bit of blowby into my old air filter so I cleaned the box up and put in a brand new K&N air filter. Then I realized I didn't take any pictures of it installed so I took the box back apart just for yall. Cleaned the outside of the box and even slapped some stickers on.


PS If anyone knows where to find a radiator reservoir cap I'd appreciate it.20211120_131737.jpg.89a105f6548d2fa5d4d07b17c92825bb.jpg20211120_131823.jpg.b40f900abc715f64ebdc6866396bdcca.jpg20211120_132300.jpg.a38f3d3b41e0534a522566f3ab1bdf49.jpg 


Next I moved onto installing my switch mounts I had ordered. For the time being I'm only using one but that may change in the future. That was a quick and easy process. I put the dash back together after I was done. Then this evening I ordered the 12v plug replacement panel. So I can put a dash mat on my truck and therefore need to move my phone mount. It's called being stupid. I also ordered a radio mount to see if it allows my dash to mount flush instead of being pushed out like it is. I don't have any pictures of it but it seems like it may be because mine is thicker than most being universal. 20211120_112614.jpg.9686e43a3dbfed671add7793424ad21e.jpg20211120_223346.jpg.44e3687e696b37155f793b8c1c77fdd5.jpg


To finish it off all the way from Little Rock Arkansas. I brought home a locking hitch pin and ball then installed it in the hitch for a bumper saver slash recovery point.20211119_084915.jpg.17442bab8cd29db8b4a7130b42e23de8.jpg20211120_223442.jpg.8371399516e933a59ef0878cc790bcc6.jpg


Got to say it is looking good. Couldn't be happier with how the truck is turning out. Got a few projects remaining. Gotta replace the window seals but the only place I've found them is Summit racing and they're out of stock. Would like to put on a dash mat so I can protect the old thing. Couple of very minor interior things like the new plug panel and radio mount. I've requested a plug and play trailer harness from one of our members here need to install it when I get it.


Now I sit and debate a very important decision. Do I want to go a mostly stock clean work truck or do I want to go show truck. I can get a fake woodgrain dash for it. Nice new woodgrain stainless steel steering wheel, Shiny polished aluminum wheels, nice clean kind of two tone paint job and, maybe some under glow to finish it off. A man can dream if nothing else.

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3 minutes ago, Pete M said:

looks good :D 


just a note though, never ever ever use the ball as a recovery point.  just insert your strap into the hitch and use the pin to hold it there. :L:  

Us farm kids don't listen well definitely haven't experienced why we aren't supposed to do that and then turn around and do it anyway. Actually I'm planning on getting and old receiver and a shackle/d ring for actual recovery. Thinking about getting a front mounted hitch for the same reason.

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Been a little while and it seems I continually sit even after coming back to work. I drive and truck for a living and it broke down so I sit at home until it's repaired which left me with some slight repairs to make to the truck while I have the time.


So I started off last weekend by putting a Valvoline 5 quart oil jug lid down on my coolant reservoir. It has to be snapped on but it'll screw off. It's the only solution I've found because I've not found anything universal to fit it and I can't buy it new.


I came home this week and had thought I knew what was causing my 4 ways not to work. I replaced all my lights with leds including the dash turn signal bulbs. This ment that the 4 ways wouldn't work. I had replaced the turnsignal relay with a grounded led relay and therefore my turn signals worked. I switched the dash bulbs back out for the time being so my 4 ways would work. I had ordered a led relay for my 4 ways and installed it and switched the dash bulbs back over to led again. However my 4 ways still didn't work. So in the effort of trouble shooting I moved my grounded led relay to the 4 way relay spot and they worked. Now I don't know of the relay I got sent was bad or if it has to be grounded to work but either way I have another grounded led relay on the way to finish up that project. It'll be installed between now and this coming weekend. That all depends on if the semi gets repaired. 


Amongst the list of growing projects I have I've learned that Just Empty Every Pocket is very true. I'm always finding new things to work on. Amongst the list of items ordered I have a custom ordered dash mat which made me realize I can no longer use my current phone mount on the dash. So I went to fixing that problem. I ordered off of etsy a replacement cigarette lighter panel which has the one inch ram ball and a spot for a USB plug. That I believe is made by a forum member. I installed it while I had the dash out. It works well but now I await for the rest of the ram mount I ordered to come in. I've use a Ram mount currently in the semi and do highly recommend them.


To finish off yesterday I switched out my radio mount for another one made by the same guy who makes the switch panels and cig lighter panel. That was a quick and easy task which didn't accomplish what I wanted. I was hoping a different mount would let my radio sit flush through the dash and it made no difference. However still highly recommend the purchase. It's much sturdier built than the universal mount I was using. What I realized when installing the radio back is there is a removable trim piece that would let it sit flush with the dash like I wanted. Looks ten times better and allows me to see my heater controls much better.20211126_122802.jpg.c311a904e63ce2281ae0fe430a83438d.jpg20211126_122735.jpg.e4dad14d15590feff462bca527871a49.jpg 


I have a few more items ordered for current immediate projects. I've got a wiring harness kit ordered that I'll use to wire up my lic plate lights and the tail lights. I've got three pieces to my phone mount ordered for this week so I can install it. I've got the relay coming to finish up the led swap.


Amongst the projects for the future I'm considering installing a front tow hitch to use for a easy recovery point. That runs on average about 150 dollars so it's on the list of considerations as a here soon projects. I want to 4wd swap it but I'm having difficulty finding people selling 4wd parts Jeeps right now. Add to that I'm preferably looking for a 2.5l Comanche or Cherokee with a 5 speed and 4wd. I'd settle for just a 4wd Cherokee so I can have it's axles and then source a transmission and drive shafts. Then or during that I want to do a 3 inch lift so I've been closely following all the current threads on that. I'm thinking about painting the truck with one of the common bedliners used on here or having it actually painted but I just ain't sure yet. However for now the truck is drivable and that's not something I want to lose so I can't take it put of commission long term.20211126_124152.jpg.698ed144f456e7af602b850ba71bd0d2.jpg



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5 minutes ago, CornFed said:

So I started off last weekend by putting a Valvoline 5 quart oil jug lid down on my coolant reservoir. It has to be snapped on but it'll screw off. It's the only solution I've found because I've not found anything universal to fit it and I can't buy it new.



Fiat linked one of my threads in here on to finding the actual cap that fits on the reservoir. Also found out that the 80’s GM caps for their reservoirs fit as well. Little snug but it still works. 

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