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welp I do NOT pass emissions

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I got my emissions done and it is baaddddddd. I should be below 220 HC and I am at 3086-4046 and for CO2 max is 1.2 and I have 13-14.5. My map vacuum line is fine I rebuilt it with some brakeline because it snapped a while back. I have no idea what to do because I like driving my truck. I can sign up for a vintage license plate but then technically I can only cruise and take it to car shows. I also have the option of swapping an HO into it?? new injectors?

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39 minutes ago, Smokeyyank said:

One of my old XJs had issues turned out to be a bad water pump. It was getting just a little too hot during the test and messed it up. O2 sensor and cats could also be something. 

it got a new pump last week 


36 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

Do you have a REM? I think that would help a lot with diagnosis. 

 I do not :(

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well in classic fashion I took my throttle of to clean it and I found that my vac line into the throttle wasnt going to the right hole on the nubs. the top one I thought the top one was the right one but nope its the bottom. figured I don't need to do tip 31 because I have basically already done that with the brake line?

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9 hours ago, cruiser54 said:

You did the carb spray?

I used brakleen because I used the rest of my carb cleaner to clean my throttle body

8 hours ago, fiatslug87 said:

Check your O2 sensor's resistance, probe A&B on the sensor, should be 5-7 ohms

I will do that when I get the chance. o2 sensor is downstream on the downpipe of the exhaust correct?

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