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Eat your heart out pete!


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I'm starting my own bed collection! :roflmao:


Picked this one up today for 400!

0 rot behind the flairs! Some scale and surface rust here and there and a few dings but otherwise clean!

Intact tail light harness

And upon futher investigation the driver side bedside i think was replaced with a factory replacement. Theres black ecoat under the flaking paint and in the wheel well area with not a touch of rust. This was a score of a bed :))





If anyone wants the flairs, 2 rear side moldings, or tail light harness I'm willing to pull them off, i don't need them. 

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44 minutes ago, Pete M said:

score!  and you didn't have to drive 12 hours to go get it!  double score!  :banana:


(that white you see on the top of that flare is not paint. :( )

You are correct. The passenger side is going white. Driver side is scuffed up. They are decent but not perfect

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On 1/9/2021 at 8:13 PM, strictlyxjs said:

Hey Cory I was the one that helped load that up. Nice to meet you!

You were the gentleman i was speaking mjs to? Nice to meet you too!

8 hours ago, 70barracuda said:

If pete doesn't want the pass side fender id take it. Mine is way worse than that one. 


Ill sell you both if you want, otherwise i am more than happy to sell you the passenger side! Petes on the search for perfection and these are not it.

2 hours ago, Eagle said:

That's not deteriorating plastic. That's burned clearcoat.


Sadly no, theres no paint left where its turning white.

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