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WARNING! Harbor Frieght fuse recall


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What'd ya expect for $3-$10 for 120 fuses?


That said's it all........and your right, but it think its $6.99 ;)


But HF is not the only place that is selling this kit, I've seen it in other catalogs, like Max-tools, and other places.


Guest I'll stick with the Buss brand from now on :roll:


Yea.....fuses protect from fires, if they work right, if they don't "break" it's melt down time.

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I avoid buying anything from China, whenever possible.


Pay for Fuses?


I always grab a handfull of fuses when I'm at the Junkyard.


I've so many spare fuses now, it's a joke. Big ones, little ones, mini ones, all different amperages too.

I don't steal them either, I show them when I "check out", the girl there always laughs at me and doesn't charge me, (I always spend a decent buck on everything else I'm buying anyhow).

Same thing with the spare Lug Nuts that I grab, (napa wanted $5.00 each).


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