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Broken rusty screws in header panel

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The method I would use is tedious, but would duplicate factory retention capabilities:


1.   With Drexel tool or similar, grind surface of broken stud so a flat surface is present.

2.  Using a punch, carefully create a divot in the center of the dressed stud face to allow drilling.

3.  Drill a a small pilot hole (3/32”) on the divot.  After the pilot hole is about 5/16” deep, start making the hole bigger with larger drills until the stud is entirely drilled out of the fiberglass header.

4.  Clean the hole out to remove all drilling residue.

5.  Cut a piece of “all thread” of the same diameter and length as the drilled-out broken stud.

6.   Using “JB Weld” or similar, glue the stud into the hole.  Allow to dry, and enjoy the results.

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4 hours ago, Jeep Driver said:

Image result for tile core bit


Fill with JB Steel Stick, let stand overnight, drill and tap. 

You'll find cheap core bits at HD or Lowes in the tile dept or in the bit isle. 

That’s cute.  I have never seen one before. 

I am not a bit fan of drilling and tapping resins.  That’s why most manufacturers use brass inserts when they need threaded holes in plastic resin pieces.

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I ended up drilling small holes all around the broken screw until I could get it out.   Take care as you can lose a lot of drill bits this way. I then filled with hot glue because I'm lazy and its fast.  Been holding up just fine.    When putting screws back in it helps to put some liquid wrench etc.  Those screws just seem to bind putting them back in.

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Just did one of these today when one of those screws snapped while I was replacing turn signal sockets. I drilled a very small pilot hole through the center of the broken off screw, then used a larger left handed drill bit and the broken screw caught and backed out.

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