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  1. Exterior is put back together other than a few small things and it's registered, plated and back on the road. Unfortunately I think the BA10 is about shot. Sounds like the bearings are going out on it so I have been looking for an ax-15 but not much on my area. Seems like most of these are automatics around here.
  2. When I got shoes for my 87 Advanced Auto listed 2 different sets of brake shoes. I just bought both and returned the ones I didn't need. Definitely seems like there are 2 or maybe even 3 options for rear brake shoes on the Comanches As for the parts houses.... I have bought and returned more parts that didn't fit for this truck then for any other. Just seems like there was a lot of small variability between the Comanches/Cherokees year by year especially during the AMC to Chrysler change over.
  3. I just installed AC into my 87 Comanche from a donor 88 Cherokee. The Comanche was originally a 2.5 but I swapped the 4.0 from the Cherokee in at the same time. So not sure about what additional brackets or issues you will run into with the 2.5. As for the wiring, some of the wiring was in the Comanche but I had to steal one short harness that went from the airbox to a connector behind the radio/control area. The connector was not the same type but both were I believe 4 pin heavy gauge and the colors matched up so I made it work. One had flat pins where as the other had round. The system has not been evacuated and recharged yet but I see no reason it will not work as everything else matched up. Getting the airbox out and back in was the hardest part.
  4. I purchased a couple of these caps so I am all set. Thank you!
  5. 2nd attempt Front driveshaft is in New tires and painted rims done Grill is also going back together. Still need to get the bumper cleaned up and back together plus the interior. I know the purists will probably hate it but I like it. Also starting to get the exhaust done. I went with a thrush turbo style for the exhaust and it sounds quite good.
  6. I agree they aren't priced too bad on eBay even if they are just a simple piece of plastic. Just was asking my friends her first especially since I don't really need new and wouldn't mind having a set of 3 or 4 extra if someone had some. I'm sure these fall off and get lost so nice to have extras. Schardein the other style is what I have 1 of but I prefer the flat black caps. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Makes ebay look like a good deal. For now they seem to fit the look I'm going for but of course If I find a nice set of turbine wheels for a steal ....
  8. Looks like they are part 8952-003-763. I see a few new old stock ones on ebay and they aren't crazy expensive. Just feeling broke and figured someone who switched to alloys might have some laying around they would want to part with.
  9. Anyone have some of these black flat caps that were used on the steel wheels laying around? I have 3 but could use 1 or even a few more if they are cheap enough.
  10. Yes, I fully understand it needs to be a hose rated to be submerged in fuel...Thanks! As for status updates: - Rear brakes done and brakes bled - Transmission filled - Transfer case filled - Rear Diff cleaned, re-sealed and filled - Started stripping and painting the steel rims - Rear drive shaft made and installed For those that want to know I went with a 42" u-joint to u-joint rear driveshaft. I would say it could have been 1/4 to 1/2 longer and been fine. This is for a BA-10 4x4 with a Dana 35. I lengthened the Cherokee shaft rather than cutting down the 2wd Comanche driveshaft with the rubber sleeve.
  11. Yeah I have to say when I pulled that mess out I was like... what a dumb design. I think that hose and the rubber bushings that had also turned to mush were the most disgusting thing yet. And that is saying a lot since the battery tray and other areas where full of rat nests and the treats they left behind.
  12. Quick update on the project.... IT's ALIVE!!! After fixing several fuel leaks she's running great -New o-ring in fuel rail -tightened several leaking clamps around the fuel filter -pulled fuel pump as the engine ran for a while and died out and found the in the tank hose connecting to the fuel pump had ruptured and turned to mush Gotta say it sounds fantastic Other items I've gotten done since the last post: - Radiator, tank and hoses installed - Cut out the heater control vacuum switch as the plastic connector broke putting it back in - A/C lines and compressor hooked back up. Still need to be charged but that may be a spring project - Air box cleaned and back in with a new filter - Washer fluid reservoir back in - Pulled rear tires and drums and found the drums were awful. Thankfully the ones from the Donor Cherokee were great and a direct fit - Opened rear Diff and in the process of cleaning and refilling Up Next - Tires and driveshafts...
  13. Thanks to everyone for the offers and to cjate for sending me the parts. Great to have such an active forum to locate these hard to find parts.
  14. Progress and set backs... Made it back from Florida trying to get motivated again and do all the little things I forgot when putting the engine back in. -Fuel and transmission lines are hooked back up -Making progress on getting the shifter and 2wd-4wd lever in the truck. -Wiring hooked up -Exhaust down pipe reconnected -Fuel in the tank -Battery and box in - More painting and cleaning Hooked up the power for the very first time and gauges came to life and fuel pump did its thing Cranked it over and the starter turned the motor which is very promising since I really don't know how much was working Quickly found a big fuel leak where the regulator meets rail Tried to clean up the o-ring without success but the engine popped a few times which is a good sign that things are heading in the right direction. I also attempted to install my front drive shaft from a donor 89 Cherokee and found out that my front drive shaft is too long as its from an automatic. The only shop that cuts driveshafts in town apparently is out of business so I purchased a used one from ebay that should work.. I hope. Of course I still need to get a drive shaft made for the rear. Originally I was going to cut down the 2wd rear driveshaft but I think I am going to lengthen the one from the Cherokee instead as it doesn't have the bonded rubber deal. The good news... I have an emblem and taillight in the mail thanks to this forum. Dorman Help 80020
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