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  1. Very nice. I have one good one and one bad so I greatly appreciate the DIY idea.
  2. I lived in Phoenix for a few years and although I wasn't into jeeps back then I did visit a junkyard or 2 and I'm willing to trade my rusted out mud covered, snow covered, wasp ridden yard for one of yours any day. LOL But yeah I can see your point things seems to last forever out there and on second thought not sure I want to be pulling parts in 126 degrees of heat.
  3. You two are really trying to get me to go back to the junkyard aren't you I got the first oil change in last night and drained the front and rear diffs. Gonna try a gasket on the back to try and solve that problem and need to pull the front axles to put in a new passenger inner axle seal. Not looking forward to that part. Also got newish speakers in the rear speaker locations and it sounds so much better now.
  4. Yeah it was an XJ Wagoneer. I almost grabbed the grill and whole front panel but the more I looked the more I found was broken. It could have been repaired I think but the actual grill was broken in several places. If I wasn't already rocking a 10 slot with LED headlights I might have gone for it just for those weird quad headlights. I gently put the grill in the back a couple of weeks ago hoping maybe the next guy would save it. It and the mirrors where also purple in a lot of places and I still can't decide if that was due to the chrome coming off or if someone really did that intentionally.
  5. If only I knew this before I took them all apart to see what was wrong with them. Flip them one way they are always on, flip them the other way and they come on with the doors. In the middle they are always off.
  6. Assuming it is a 4.0 inline 6 and if so I just did this swap with a 1987 and 1988. Everything should go right into the Comanche from the Cherokee. You will need the Engine, alternator, AC (if equipped), airbox, exhaust header, intake, computer, accelerator cable, speedometer cable, radiator, fan, ignition module (they seem the same though), engine mounts and brackets from the Cherokee. It is a pretty straight forward swap and I may have forgotten additional pieces but those should be the big ones. Other things I can think of that you may want to swap are the gauge cluster and the heater/ac box if it has A/C in one and not the other. The inside fuse panel and wiring harness behind the dash should be mostly the same between the 2 but there may be a couple of surprises.
  7. No just got really lucky and found a Wagoneer at the salvage yard with this wheel and column. The wheel was covered in black and looked terrible. Almost didn't grab it because it looked totally ruined. Cleaned up really nice. All the people at the yard didn't realize the Wagoneer was even in the yard as we all just ask for a list of Cherokees (which are always stripped). We forget about the Wagoneer.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement and tips. Got the auto column and new dash in and they seem to be working great once I figured out how to wire up the column disconnect. Love the new/used dash as the old one was trashed. It's not perfect either but much much better. What a pain to pull and install though. While on this adventure, got a new radio in and blew some fuses in the process. What do you know I replaced the blown fuses (trans and instrument light fuses) and now I have gauge lights and reverse lights. Can't explain why that fixed things because I already tested the fuses for continuity and the were good before hand. I'll take the win though cause I really was not looking forward to tracing either of those down. I did run into a new issue with the headlight switch. The dash I got as a replacement I pulled from a much newer jeep and it had a switch with more pins. Seemed backwards compatible so I went with it. Then I noticed when the car was running my led headlights were on all the time just super dim. I had already ordered a new headlight harness (thanks to Pete M's signature) because the headlights would dim badly when the brights were on and I hit the brakes. Putting the new harness in was super easy and took care of both problems. I mounted the relays to the passenger side of the engine bay and used the front clip brace bolts for the grounds at each light. Pulled the front grill and ran the wire right next to the stock harness. Of course now I have a few new problems I discovered: Rear Differential is leaking again. I've already re-sealed it 2x but maybe 3rd time will be the charm Front passenger axle seal is leaking. I replaced the 2 piece axle with a one piece and I added an axle seal at the diff. Guess it failed and I may need to find a larger seal and try again. Radiator is still very slowly leaking fluid Steering wheel is not centered with the new column. It was perfect before the column swap, maybe I can just adjust the steering wheel? And then there is still the list of things to do: Interior is still all torn apart Need to get visors recovered Need to fabricate some sort of back panel Need to get the bench seat recovered Fix rust on floor boards and rockers Hood replacement needs to be prepped and put on Door replacements need to get prepped and put on Need to decide if I want to keep my manual windows and locks or go electric (electric is what is in the new doors) Paint or wrap it? And the best part... the pictures
  9. My 1987 2WD Peugeot Manual MJ had a 3.55 rear. The 1988 Manual Cherokee I used to turn the MJ into 4WD was 3.07 so I ended up re-gearing the front after the front axle swap from the Cherokee.
  10. Just went through this swapping in a tilt column with intermittent wipers and cruise control. The intermittent wipers need a black box that is velcro'd under the lower dash trim and the switch inside the column is different somehow. As for the wiper stalks, the wires on the stock are for the cruise control and have nothing to do with the intermittent wipers. In my scouring of the junkyard I found about 20 stalks with cruise control and intermittent wipers but only found 1 stalk with intermittent wipers and no cruise control. So it seems to be a more rare option to not have cruise control with the intermittent wipers. This type of stalk was used on a huge number of American vehicles including Buick, Cadillac, Dodge, Chevy. As far as the cruise control goes, I found there are at least 2 types and ultimately decided not to go through the trouble of adding it.. One type has a long wire that runs down to the middle of the steering column and has a flat card like connector. The other has a more typical connector that is under a cover right where the stalk plugs in. The steering column I pulled was from an older Wagoneer and had the flat card type.
  11. Put a few hundred more mile's on and of course I can't leave it alone. So on to the next phase. The dash was terrible so I pulled a donor from the salvage yard. While I'm at it I'm swapping steering wheels, putting in a tilt column from an automatic, fixing the radio and maybe switching over to power windows and locks. Also changing up the interior to some newer panels. If only I can find the one broken one... Driver above the door. Seems these are broken on all the Cherokees. Updates to come... Still have some mystery items too. No reverse lights, interior dash lights went out and my passenger front axle seal is leaking probably from when I switched to a one piece axle.
  12. I went with a thrush turbo style muffler. Sounds very similar to JMO413 setup above. I used 2 1/4 piping and I'm pretty happy with the sound.
  13. Parts interchange with the XJ Cherokees so it should not be hard to find a transfer case. The current one likely could be rebuilt too. Typically you will have a NP 231 which is a very common transfer case. These tend to have a lot of rust on the rockers and the floor pans so I would look closely at those areas. Also be aware that there are several parts like the taillights that are no longer manufactured so they require some searching and can demand a premium. As for the price, hard to say without seeing it. The state of the engine and the transmission would be big questions for me if you are not too concerned with the aesthetics.
  14. Assuming it is in as good of shape as presented, I'm sure I could put 8k into the body work and paint on my truck and it might look that nice. So from that perspective it may be an ok deal.
  15. I just did my front and rear brakes so I don't think that is the problem. I pulled the carpet out of the MJ But left the sound deadening rubber backed foam on the firewall. I then added some rubber rugged ridge tray mats. I think that is part of the problem as the foam + mats push your foot over from the tunnel quite a bit making it a tight fit getting your foot in between the gas and brake pedal. Still though, seems like overall the pedal spacing just could have been better. I'm just enjoying driving the Comanche so much right now though that I am finding it hard to do more work on it :)
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