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2.5 renix no electric

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Ive been tinkering on this guy for a bit, you all helped me find the no idle issue and I really appreciate it, so thank you. 


But...now i have new issues. I was driving it today on the longest trip since purchased, and the trip was mostly down the road and back. Its now, after getting towed, in my yard without any electrical functions... Turn the key and nothing, but i have power to my fuse panel under the dash. I have a new battery, terminals are fine. I turn the key on and the radio doesnt even get power. It also started a horrible miss right before it completely shut off. Ive checked voltage on ignition with key on and it has 12v along with battery. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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It died out as I was driving, would the either of these cause it to be dead in the water, no radio power or anything? Or cause it to spit and sputter randomly?

I just replaced it with a new one when I purchased it. 


I swapped out relays and no change, haven't checked cps yet, what should the proper voltage be?

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Using a voltmeter or testlight check for B+ on the following pins:
D1_5:  B+ (Hot at all times)
D1_2:  B+ (Hot during KEY ON/CRANKING).
D1_6:  KEY ON (B+ (For 2-3 seconds)) or CRANKING (B+ (Hot during CRANK)).


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19 hours ago, jdog said:

Check the fuse able links near the battery, they look like normal wires but will open like a fuse

Need to examine the fusible links (stud on starter relay). Pay close attention to the green ones (open, burnt, etc). If Fusible Links look good. disconnect C268 at the IGN SW. With a testlight or voltmeter check C268_B3 for B+ (Hot at all times).



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2 hours ago, BoneheadJeeper said:

Would this have anything to do with no ignition power?

One side of the Starter Relay control coil, get B+ for the IGN SW (start circuit). The other side of coil is grounded through the NSS. Depending of NSS position (PRNDL) circuit is either OPEN or CLOSED for path to ground. Just got you message.

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15 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

Only if its an auto.

Its auto. 2.5l. 


I gave @ohm my number and he called me. We ohm'd from b3 to the starter relay, everything checked according to him. We went as far as using a jumper with an inline fuse, from the fuse box-b3 and still nothing. At the end of the day, he was stumped, and so am I.  And also C267 is not a plug in my jeep. 

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