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NOS Towing Mirrors

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1 hour ago, Pete M said:

I am assuming so. :L:   feel free to send me those inner door brackets so I can have a set for a manufacturer to copy some day. :D 


Such a funny guy.  Would you rather I send the fresh NOS ones or the 33 year old ones that are in the doors now?

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doesn't much matter to me. :L:  I seriously doubt the "new" brackets will be any different than the old.  the only time I had a chance to get them, the guy with me already called dibs on the entire assembly. 


fyi there's a rivet near the bottom you'll need to drill out. 

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The bid does not close for another 3 days.  I have an amount I will bid up to.  If I end up winning the bid, the old ones are yours.


If it is something you are going to do soon, I could send the NOS to you and you could return it to me after you copy it.

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