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Interior B pillar courtesy lights........

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I have a 1989 Jeep Comanche 4x4.  The interior pillar courtesy lights are getting to the point of no return and not functioning all the time.  I tried cleaning up the contacts, but have been only partially successful in doing so.  Does anyone know of any aftermarket company selling a replacement pillar light fixture?  About fours years ago I believe there was a company selling a direct snap-in replacement fixture.  If so, I should have picked up two then.  Thanks...........

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19 minutes ago, Wild Comanche said:

The Euramtec A-7180 is what I was looking for.  I can live with the no off position.  Much thanks................


So I put a pair of those in my truck - probably something I was doing wrong, but if they are not both hooked up - the fuse blows....


Took both the old ones out, put in the driver side new Eramtec and put the fuse in - pop!  wtf?


Figured I did something wrong or had a bad light out of the box so tried the other one - pop!


Moved over to the other side to see if that one would work - pop!


Drove to the store to buy another box of fuses.


Decided to completely hook both of them up - works fine, but if you disconnect one of them, it blows the fuse.


Again I probably have something mixed up or wires crossed, but they have been working correctly for the last 6 months or so as long as they are both plugged in.



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