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Spoiler on future project.


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19 minutes ago, 500 MJ said:

So where is it currently, how did you come across it? 

Believe it or not. Kinda a funny story. I was talkin with my girl saying how I want an AMC vehicle. I taught her the history and she found my truck and the AMC Jeeps attractive. So we searched one day both here and in WA where she resides for school and stumbled upon a gentleman who was down sizing his fleet so he could move back to LA. He had it since 85 and bought it from his dentist who had it since new when he lived in LA. Guy took care of it and did all general maintenance and did a few upgrades such as AC and 4wheel drive, according to the small build sheet I got when I looked it up.  So I told her what to look for and ask about. Guy said it lived its life in California until moving to WA sometime in the 00’s wasn’t daily driven but has minimal rust in the typical floor pan spot which is fine. It’s in great shape for an 84.

So it sits in WA until I can bring it home. His name is Chunk. My girl is a huge fan of the goonies and since the goonies came out in 85 and has a Cherokee in the opening scene, it’s only appropriate. 


Pete I will do a build thread on it once I get to working on it. 


Also I got the package today 500. Thank ya!

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Some more up to date pics. Missing the rear Cherokee and Jeep nameplate but I can source those easy. 


This one will be a fun project too. 

I knew the fog lights were broke when I first saw the pics but I’ll just use some sears NOS ones that I like and have on Little Red. 

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