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I'm beating the drum again.

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 Mirrors and speedometer cables? What about?


Something I've noticed- 


Most of you play along as though you will always and somehow get parts for your truck......and........I've been saying...........

Particularly, sensors and hard parts like fly wheels and balancers and whatever else, whatever critical part you will need.......clutch masters and slaves for example. 


And now this, today, it's not surprising to me, not at all. 


Worth a listen. I already intended to build a roller next time. 



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And? All good things must come to an end. But then again you can still get parts for the model T soooooo, if there is enough money to be had parts will be made available. 


The difference will be cost.


Ive been wondering more and more over the years what will replace the XJ as the go-to offroad platform and when/if it would be a wise investment idea to buy up a bunch.

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still kicking myself because I didn't grab various things over the last 20 years.  most recently the flywheel when I got that ax-15 because I was in a hurry and simply forgot. :(  

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1 hour ago, mjeff87 said:

Roller rockers in the POS KJ 3.7.....pulled a cam out of the junkyard and swapped it in.  It works fine.  Just sayin' 

Sorry I meant lifters my bad. 

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