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33" Mud tires for a 20 inch rim?


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I think the new design BFG MT KM2 that they are coming out with might have that size. They look kinda like Krawlers.

The 17"to 20" sizes are the first ones they are making.


SEMA pictures




This skould be the finished tread design.

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WHY on gods green earth, would anyone in there right mind what them!!!!!???!?!?!?!? :roll: :eek:


They're for my new truck I picked up yesterday! :D


I wanted a set of BFG mud terrains, but all I can find close to the right size are the all terrains.


I want to stay with the factory tire size; 275/60/20, or as close to it as possible.







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my first guess would be nittos. They've got all the bling sizes.


My friend has them in the 38" variety on a 16" rim, they ride down the road well, not terribly loud at highway speeds.


Can't comment on offroad performance, his dodge is a mall crawler.


He won't come wheeling with me, says he's seen how my truck looks.

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why not put a leveling kit on it?


That's what I have planned.



Now I need to find out if the factory rims will have enough back spacing for 12.5 wide tires.


I've found three possible tire choices: BFG all terrains, NITTO mud grapplers, or Toyo open country MT's. The BFG's are going to be the cheapest. What do you guy's think?

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i say put some steel 16's on it and run a cheap setof tires :cheers:


16's won't fit..brakes are to big...only have about 1" of clearance with the 17's. when i was looking for tires for my Ram i just bought a set of steelies and put 34" LTB's on it!! jamminz.gif



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looks like the perfect farm truck stumpy.


How's the wear on those LTB's though? :eek:


not as bad as i thought it would be, i didnt run them full time. only put them on when i went hunting or playing although i did put put about 20K miles on them before selling them and they still had about 13/32's or so left. they rode better running down the road than my 20" stockers because of the taller sidewall.

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