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Member of My Family


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I registered my Comanche on the Registry but Pete said that I needed to start a Build thread so here goes.

I tell people that my truck is a member of my family because It's been with me so long, almost like a child. I bought it new in August 1989 and it's been my baby ever since. It's not my first truck, my first was a 1954 GMC, 5 window pickup, not in very good shape. In fact it was very tired. But, I restored it and dropped a Chev., 283ci., V8 in it and had a lot of fun with it. Next was a 1969 Chev. El Cameo then a 1978 Chev. short bed that I bought new. I drove that until i bought the Comanche. 

When I bought the Comanche I started using nothing but Castrol. I used Castrol on the first oil change and every 3000 miles after that. I had used Quaker State in the 78 Chev. and it gummed up the engine. I had to replace the lifters and cam shaft at about 80,000 miles. The Comanche has 217,500+ miles and still going strong.

In August 2005 I decided to do something about the faded paint. The clear coat was gone and it looked like it had leprosy so I stripped it down, removed the hockey stick off the sides and had it repainted. Same color. I also dropped the oil pan because I had a leak and I wanted to check the timing chain. Believe it or not the chain had very little slack in it but I replace it anyway also the oil pump. I put a high volume pump in it. Some of the bolts in the pan where loose but the leak was actually from the housing for the filter. Which is a easy fix the O rings just get old and hard. I was really surprised

at the condition of the engine, very little wear at 166,007 miles. I just put her back together and have been trucking ever since.

Attached is the original window sticker.




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I had to scan these old pix to post them. This was made at the Hunting Camp in 1993 when we where Turkey Hunting. You can just see the tail end of the Comanche beyond my Buddies' CJ.

The truck is about 3 years old here, still has the hockey stick decal.          





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From 1989 until 1994 I drove the truck daily. We bought a retirement home on the lake in Greensboro in 2011. After hauling stuff to the lake I retired the Comanche to the lake house. We moved down to the lake house in 2015 and I drive the Comanche everywhere I go down here. Probably only average about 3000 miles a year on the truck for the last 7-8 years. It's a great truck I still enjoy driving it. I think the 4.0 is one of the best designed engines along with the small block Chev. engine. It is a simple design that just keeps on keeping on even when choked with that stupid emissions system. 

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