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Comanche spotted!


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Was there ever a factory paint option like that in two-tone?  I'm getting ready to paint mine the original Pear White, a two-tone band of dark gray would look real nice. I'm not sure how you could carry that around on the tail gate?  

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That looks like 54bobby truck...

I think he did a build thread on it...



Edit: no build thread but





That looks very close but I do not think that 54bobby. Look at the two pictures. Lots of differences, 



-tow hooks

-fog lights

-tow mirrors

-bottom trip

-Laredo emblem under the comanche one on fender

-bed rails

-tool box

- not to mention booby54 is in NJ





BUT, It does look like that was most likely a factory paint job! 



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Definitely factory paint. I think I've also seen the silver and black the other way around, and I've also seen a silver and maroon one. Also I remember 54bobby's truck was kind of weird option wise - loaded with pretty much every option but it had a 2.5. Wonder where he went? I don't think I've seen him on here in a long time.


The earlier XJs and MJs had way more variety in the way they could be built and to me they're way more interesting. One thing that comes to mind is all of the different interior colors (I think they only had grey, cordovan, and tan by '91 if I remember my '91 brochure correctly) After Chrysler came in they got more boring every year. A de-Renixed '87ish truck with all the '80s options like the one on the left is one of those builds I want to do eventually. Thinking about it, that's what I want to do with my '89 once it's out of maintenance debt.

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happened to drive by a local repair shop and saw it setting on the lot! We pulled in to check it out, guys said its there for engine replacement (2.8L). Matthew left a CC card with his number on the back. I imagine that he'll replace engine, but if not maybe he will call us. Its definitely a repaint with a mediocre prep job, but looks good from a short distance. I shouldn't say much cause it looks a lot better than either of mine!




Is this door decal on all 86's?





Only 82,000 on the clock.


Sorry for the small pictures, I don't know what happened.

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