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Anyone have an FJ Cruiser?


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Controversial topic (and comment here) so hopefully no one takes offense.  My wife likes them quite a bit too.  But my stomach can't tolerate the look.  The "FJ" name always caused me to snicker too (fake Jeep). 


My wife wanted an suv and with so many of them loosing their frame, I found one that felt like a tank. She ended up with a 4 runner (TRD pro to be exact).  TRD comes with an enhanced front suspension and Bilstein shocks. Plus it comes with a full frame underneath. I think it is the last small suv that does.  It rides like our old '96 Grand Cherokee did. Toyota also did some nice extras to protect the sheet metal from harsh winters too (although you may not care about that). 260hp IIRC.   My personal opinion is the front of the  TRD pro looks pretty god but "Non TRD Pro" version of the 4 runner takes some getting used to. But the rest of the truck makes up for it.  It feels larger than it is.


Plus if you hold out, you can get one in orange....

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Congratulations.  Looks good.  Best thing, she is happy with it!  What is not to like about that?  So it is not the car/truck/SUV/minivan/what ever that somebody else would want.  Who cares?  Like you said in the first post, she puts up with your MJ madness!


Much better than listening to Anita, who is constantly harping at me to buy a new car.  I don't want a new car/truck/suv or what ever.  I like old cars!  And I don't care if they cost me twice as much as Her new Camry - Actually, if they only cost twice as much as her Camry, it would be really, really cheap.

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