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Help With Seat Dilemma

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I bought a pair of Mountaineer seats that will not fit, I sold them last weekend.


I'm looking at a pair of Honda S2000 seats that look like they will fit and the color is close (according to pic) but in real life they may not be a match of the '88 camel tan.

He wants $300.






Or I can buy what appears to be an excellent condition XJ pair that are gray for $150. The advantage is that they are bolt-in, I know they will fit.






I contacted an upholstery shop that quoted me $700 for custom work- here is his work-






Thinking longterm.........Which would you choose?

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The XJ seats are plush and nice.  However, it appears from the photo that they're from a 4-door, meaning they won't lean very far forward like the 2-door ones would.  But if that's not important, I'd get the XJ seats.  They look clean and for $150, they're the most affordable of all three options you posted.

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93 or below leather XJ seats would be my choice if I could find a nice set. Color doesn't matter, easy to dye leather.


As in glundblad's MJ:





Thanks Don.



This answers the question. I'm going to call today on the XJ seats.



My plan is black and tan interior, black carpet, black and tan 97 doors (I'll spray match the lower section and keep the black trim), color match the console, color match the other panels, keep the dash, black on rear panel, material/color match the headliner.


The XJ seats will get two tone black and tan leather.


Just having to decide on spending $800-900 on seats, purchase and reupholster.........


And of course the wife gave her input.........

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