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  1. Looking at 81-93 full size Dodge pickup tail lights on Ebay. They sure look like they would fit out MJ's and are considerably cheaper.
  2. would like to buy a rear tow hitch.
  3. I am interested in the tow bar. thanks.............bob
  4. Thanks for the replies. the tranny mounts are a possibility, but if the vibration remains when i unload the torque, i think the vibrations would cease if it were the mounts. Since the truck has over 300K, i think i will replace the track bar and the ball joints. Any and all advice welcome.
  5. i did not replace trackbar bushings. I asked the alignment place to check for looseness but they didn't see anything wrong. i was thinking maybe u joints but maybe track bar bushings would be more likely...........
  6. 1988 2WD, longbed, B/A10 tranny. Have a steering wheel shudder/vibration commencing between 45 and 50 MPh and remaining constant as i speed up. if i dropped the left front wheel in a hole at speed, she would go into death wobble and almost change lanes. Found several cracks in the frame around the steering box. Got the frame welded, installed the heavy duty aftermarket steering box brace, Xj steering box, and new upper and lower control arms. Replaced all wheel bearings. Took her today for a 4 wheel balance/rotation and alignment. The steering wheel vibration has changed, but it is still evident at the same speeds. If i'm going down-hill and push in the clutch to unload the torque, she still has the vibration, so i'm assuming the problem is still in the running gear and not motor mounts Any ideas what to check next from the front end experts?
  7. Been driving my 88 MJ for several years with a shuddervibration in the steering and if i drop the left front into any kind of road depression the truck goes into death wobble. Took it to a shop today to see if they could align it and hopefully find what was loose in the front end. They just called me and said that the frame was cracked near the steering box. Anyone run into this before? Any precautions to take before I have it re-enforced/welded up?
  8. i used Tractor Supply's Farm Implement White on my 88....painted the whole truck. I'm just outside Westminster, SC
  9. Another question - What is the sync sensor? Cam position? Where is it?
  10. Thanks. OHM for the tips, I was poking around with my meter and checking for power at the diagnostic connectors and the connectors on the ignition module, did not find any problems, had 12V where it should be. The 5V on the small connector at the ignition module puzzled me till I realized - 5V logic. Swapped relays around. Pulled the coil and cleaned the contacts, coil measured 45-50 ohms across the primary. So, I put it all back together and just for the hell of it hit the key and it started. Loose connection maybe or corrosion on the contacts, but i did not see any. Anyhoo, it's running for now, will probably strand me in the boondocks somewhere tomorrow.................
  11. 88 MJ 4.0 - Working on a no start/no spark condition and had no signal from the cps. Time to change it after 33 years. I was having trouble manipulating the long extension set-up so i took a 3 ft 3/8 inch dowel and whittled the end square to make it fit a 1/4 inch socket. Much lighter and long enough to easily reach the cps bolts. Another problem was that the bolts went too far down into the socket and did not have enough length to catch the threads, so i cut a small block of wood and pushed it into the socket to effectively lengthen the bolt. Worked like a charm. Good .5V signal from the new cps, but it did not solve my problem, so now I'm looking into the coil and ignition module. Have done most of Cruiser54's tips but may have to look into the harness splicing of all the sensor grounds. Any tips appreciated.
  12. Warren, Do you still have the BA10? Ever get up toward Toccoa?
  13. 1JTHS6619GT043095


    1986 Jeep Comanche Custom (base) 4x2 Pickup Olympic White


    Manufactured:  September 1985 Toledo Parkway Plant, Toledo, Ohio


    AMC 2.5 TBI Fuel Injection OHV 4 Cylinder gas engine 


    Aisin (Toyota) AX-4 - 4 Speed Manual Transmission


    Original Blue Interior, Celtic Vinyl bench seat and black rubber flooring and AM Radio with 2 front speakers.  No additional options.  

    First sold to a Painter (1st owner) for business use in Los Angeles, California.  

    I’m a 2nd owner and bought it as my first car for college.  It had a faulty engine, transmission slipped many times, too much play in manual steering gear, brakes halfway working and worn interior.  The previous owner drove it to the ground.  

    I decided to rebuild the engine and swapped the 4 speed manual with the rebuilt AX-5  5 speed manual.   I added power steering and replaced the heater core.  I also changed the interior from blue to black and added options such as the adjustable bent windows, remote mirrors, tilt steering column with a 3 spoke steering wheel and intermittent wiper switch, passenger vanity mirror, AM/FM Cassette with DNR sound system and 4 speakers, analog gauges without tachometer and optional Jeep cast  aluminum rims.  

    Fun fact:   I’ve driven the Comanche around Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Guerneville, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Palm Springs and Macon, Georgia.  Pickup currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, under my registration.  

  14. tugalo


    daily driver white 88 long bed 4.0L, 5 speed bought it in Charlotte, NC in 2004 currently in Toccoa, Ga
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