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  1. 1JTHS6619GT043095


    1986 Jeep Comanche Custom (base) 4x2 Pickup Olympic White


    Manufactured:  September 1985 Toledo Parkway Plant, Toledo, Ohio


    AMC 2.5 TBI Fuel Injection OHV 4 Cylinder gas engine 


    Aisin (Toyota) AX-4 - 4 Speed Manual Transmission


    Original Blue Interior, Celtic Vinyl bench seat and black rubber flooring and AM Radio with 2 front speakers.  No additional options.  

    First sold to a Painter (1st owner) for business use in Los Angeles, California.  

    I’m a 2nd owner and bought it as my first car for college.  It had a faulty engine, transmission slipped many times, too much play in manual steering gear, brakes halfway working and worn interior.  The previous owner drove it to the ground.  

    I decided to rebuild the engine and swapped the 4 speed manual with the rebuilt AX-5  5 speed manual.   I added power steering and replaced the heater core.  I also changed the interior from blue to black and added options such as the adjustable bent windows, remote mirrors, tilt steering column with a 3 spoke steering wheel and intermittent wiper switch, passenger vanity mirror, AM/FM Cassette with DNR sound system and 4 speakers, analog gauges without tachometer and optional Jeep cast  aluminum rims.  

    Fun fact:   I’ve driven the Comanche around Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Guerneville, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Palm Springs and Macon, Georgia.  Pickup currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, under my registration.  

  2. tugalo


    daily driver white 88 long bed 4.0L, 5 speed bought it in Charlotte, NC in 2004 currently in Toccoa, Ga
  3. the instrument panel that i have has blue kilometer markings on it face, versus the red on your speedometer. Looks like someone swapped in a Cherokee dash panel.
  4. Has anyone found a good outlet for wix or comparable oil filters for our trucks. I change my oil and filter every six months regardless of mileage and I'm looking to buy a wholesale lot.
  5. i replaced mine with the strips from a Dodge truck, its the same as most of the later Jeep strips, after all, its Mopar. Does require some cutting and fitting but a Dremel tool makes it fairly easy and gives you a reason to buy a new Dremel.
  6. i decided to rattle can mine, the existing paint was pretty solid, so i scuffed it with 320 grit. Then i went to Tractor Supply and bought some of their "Implement Paint" made for farm equipment. it goes on smoother and covers better than any rattle can i have ever tried, came out great. i intend to re-spray the horizontal surfaces this fall and then clear coat.
  7. Does anyone know if the back up light switch is different between an XJ and an MJ? I have no back up lights. Have power to the back up switch, but no lights.. if if jump the power at the switch connector, i have lights, so the wiring between the switch and the light sockets is good. Installed new switch, but still no lights. I'm thinking the switch i bought is for an XJ and the B/A10 switch should have a longer nose. 88 MJ, B/A10 tranny
  8. has anyone come up with some kind of shield to protect the fuse block from the fluid?
  9. Welcome to the best forum on the web. Don't be afraid to ask cause these guys will always help out and they KNOW the answers. Your MJ is the perfect platform to learn on. You can troubleshoot anything on it with a volt/ohm meter so get yourself a good one. Cruiser's tips are a must and so is the advice about checking the master cylinder for leakage. Enjoy !!
  10. i would like to buy the front seats.................
  11. they really work well if you have the room to get to the solder joint. Used them for years on aircraft avionics. Raychem may have them cheaper and they use a heat gun with a J shaped outlet spout that heat 2 sides at once.
  12. likely a corrosion issue in the front lighting connector or the front bulb sockets.
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