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  1. 1JTHS6619GT043095 1986 Jeep Comanche Custom 4x2 LWB Olympic White exterior/Medium Blue Interior AMC AM radio with 2 front dash mounted speakers, manual steering with 2 spoke black plastic steering wheel, California emissions, Argent Steel Wheel. AMC 2.5 liter OHV 4 cylinder with Throttle Body Injection or TBI Aisin Warner AX-4 4 Speed Manual transmission with extension (2 wheel drive only) AMC type 1 built in hub - front disc detachable AMC Dana 44 rear drive axle September 1985, Toledo Parkway Plant in Toledo, Ohio Los Angeles, California In process of being repaired and ground up restoration. It’ll be used only for Car Collector shows and my High School Reunions. Notes: Personally rebuilt AMC 2.5 TBI 4 cylinder engine, Power Steering added, personally rebuilt and installed Aisin Warner AX-5 5 Speed manual transmission with extension (2 wheel drive only), Digital Clock, AMC AM/FM Cassette with DNR, tilt steering column with intermittent wiper switch, 3 spoke style steering wheel, openable wing windows, dual remote mirrors, black interior with Celtic Vinyl bench seat, cloth headliner and cloth visors with vanity mirrors and 15x7 aluminum alloy wheels.
  2. 1JTHS6619GT043095


    1986 Jeep Comanche Custom (base) 4x2 Pickup Olympic White


    Manufactured:  September 1985 Toledo Parkway Plant, Toledo, Ohio


    AMC 2.5 TBI Fuel Injection OHV 4 Cylinder gas engine 


    Aisin (Toyota) AX-4 - 4 Speed Manual Transmission


    Original Blue Interior, Celtic Vinyl bench seat and black rubber flooring and AM Radio with 2 front speakers.  No additional options.  

    First sold to a Painter (1st owner) for business use in Los Angeles, California.  

    I’m a 2nd owner and bought it as my first car for college.  It had a faulty engine, transmission slipped many times, too much play in manual steering gear, brakes halfway working and worn interior.  The previous owner drove it to the ground.  

    I decided to rebuild the engine and swapped the 4 speed manual with the rebuilt AX-5  5 speed manual.   I added power steering and replaced the heater core.  I also changed the interior from blue to black and added options such as the adjustable bent windows, remote mirrors, tilt steering column with a 3 spoke steering wheel and intermittent wiper switch, passenger vanity mirror, AM/FM Cassette with DNR sound system and 4 speakers, analog gauges without tachometer and optional Jeep cast  aluminum rims.  

    Fun fact:   I’ve driven the Comanche around Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Guerneville, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Palm Springs and Macon, Georgia.  Pickup currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, under my registration.  

  3. As you may know. I own a 1986 white Jeep Comanche Custom 4x2 pickup. The problem that we all may have taken cared of were the fuel pump, fuel relays and the CPM, but that didn't remedy the "No-Run" Condition. My mechanic who claimed he worked on AMC Jeeps in the past years, said it's an electrical issue and has given up. I guess he doesn't know the electrical side of it. The engine ran, when the 1st cylinder spark plug wire was removed. They thought the dist cap and the spark plug wires were the cause, but those didn't cure it either. Again, he concluded it's an electrical issue and he's ultimately given up. I'm ready to pick it up and just park it at my place. I'm looking also for a classic car mechanic who specialize in those, since I'm on the road many times as a trucker. Anyone wanna take a swing at this electrical problem by suggesting something? Thanks ya'all.
  4. Hi there. I'm glad to see some response coming in. I forgot to mention that not I'm only sending the main topic to all Comanche Members, but for those who are experienced Auto Mechanics as well. Again, it's at the shop and the CPS or Crank Position Sensor had been checked and replaced, as well as the Fuel Pump relay. The cap and rotor have both been replaced. The mechanics there are running out of remedies, so please be a good samaritan ya'all. Thank you all for helping me out.
  5. Hi there. I own a 1986 Jeep Comanche Custom 4x2 pickup with a 2.5 Throttle Body Injection or Fuel Injection. Last week Friday, I was heading home from the truck stop, where I parked my semi truck for some home time. At first my truck was running great, filled up the tank with unleaded gas, packed up my belongings on it and drove home. While I was heading home on the freeway, the engine gave up, so I shift to neutral, started up again and it ran for a split second. I decided to safely pull off the side of the road and get help from AAA. I was towed to a shop, where a tech there has moderate knowledge and experiences on AMC Jeeps. He found out that there was a faulty fuel pump, so that was replaced. He ran it for 10 mins and it seemed great, until he was ready to drive off from the bay. It stalled, he tried to start it, but no improvements thereafter. He checked the fuel pump relays and they're good, did a spark test and it showed spark from the plugs and wires and the ECM is good. He took apart the TBI and cleaned it, but he didn't looked into the injector and checked if the injector jet worked. He's about this close of giving up, but I advised him don't. I'm thinking of 2 things: One the computer may be bad or two, the injector gave up. Other than that I don't know what else can be the cause of that stall on the Last Friday's drive on the freeway. Thank you very much for hearing me out.
  6. True to a degree, but when it comes to the defective solenoid, nothing seems to work. I've tried that theory and nothing happened. We had to use the DVOM or Digital Volt Ohm Meter, test light and remote starter to do the testing proceedures. I'm coming from a professional approach and I'm sure there are Jeep techs who are doing this professional approach, which may sound french, but it's a practice. Nothing personal.
  7. Hi there Comanche Fans, this is happyjeep. I own a 1986 Jeep Comanche 2WD with a 2.5L TBI and an AX-5 5 spd. man. transmission. I will make this brief and specific as possible. I had a defective master cylinder and later discovered that the slave cylinder was defective too. The clutch line is intact and shows no signs of debris or deformation, when I applied air pressure at one end of the hose. The fork doesn't appear to be broken and the clutch shows no damages. I made sure that the linings were tightened well with the correct line wrench and was able to bleed the system as pressure begins to build up. No progress of disengaging the clutch has been reported so far and this is where the troublesome I'm facing. Therefore, here are the questions: 1. How long does it take to bleed the system? Is it the same time as bleeding the brake system? 2. I found there is another method by Alldata and an AMC proceedure for clutch bleeding appears. Proceedure is done by compressing the slave cylinder with the special tool. I use sizable bolts and nuts to fit my steering wheel puller to do the job. The pedal was firm, the pressure was good, but the clutch still did not disengage. Has anyone followed this oddball proceedure? 3. To the question above, is there any other methods in clutch bleeding? If so, please kindly share. 4. I ended up using the old school way of bleeding. It's done by haviing some assistant pumping clutch pedal # of times and holding as the other tech opens and closes valve to relieve air bubbles. Has anyone done this? Is it successful? How many times the person must pump the clutch pedal before holding to the floor? Thanks for your input. I will take your advices in consideration. happyjeep
  8. Lucky that my clutch itself wasn't damaged and so as the fork itself to the throwout bearing. Okay, I wish you luck in getting your 1989 Comanche clutch repair. You're doing a great job and my last advice, don't give up. Wish me luck as well as I'm hopting that my clutch will finally will release, after a long proceedure of clutch bleeding. Allrighty? Happy Jeeping on your Jeep MJ Comanche. Beepbeep!!!!
  9. The actual term according to the other guy is the throwout bearing unit. Slave cylinder were used in 1984 to 1986 XJs and MJs. 1987 to 2001, the bell housing was redesigned and the internal throwout bearing unit replaced the slave cylinder to accomodate the 4.0L inline 6 as well as the 2.5L inline 4. Continue to manually bleed your throwout unit until pressure builds out and the clutch pedal is firm. Use the steps on the repair manual and/or Alldata, if you have one. I suggest go t to your school auto shop and print out some steps regarding clutch bleeding. When in doubt, replace the internal throwout bearing, but also check your clutch to see if any damages on it from your no-clutch driving. I'm also doing the same thing on my 1986 Jeep Comanche because of a defective slave cylinder from my unsuccessful bleeding. By the way, also check your clutch lining from your master cylinder to the internal throwout bearing. By doing so, you need to drain the fluids and loosen the fittings ends at the lining ( you will need a line wrench to do this). To test, use a high pressure air nozzle and put at the end of the lining and blow all the rest of the residue from the fluid and make sure the other side of the lining is secured and not pointing at yourself or anyone. Again, squeeze the air nozzle and use your other hand or helper to use his hand to see if any particles may be present. Also, check the rubber hose part of the lining for any leaks or deforming when applying air from the air nozzle. If none are present, then your linings are okay. This will lead you to the defective internal throwout bearing. When installing the new one, make sure the ends are tighten correctly by your line wrench to ensure no leaks in the future. This is one of the mistakes I've done which led me to the defective slave and master cylinder. The clutch itself was okay and the fork is not damaged.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I've taken all of these into consideration. For those of you who misunderstood how I explain the problem, I did my best as I can to be specific. I decided to look again at the wires, by testing them if any shortages may be found. Turns out none of the positive or the negative wires has any defects and detecting continuity in all positive wires to the starter and negative wire from starter proved they're intact. One wire to the starter solenoid that recives power to actuate the plunger from the starter relay was repaired because of a misdiagnosis by suspicion of frayed wires or shortage. That new wire will have to be reinsulated before the Comanche will leave the school shop. The final suspicion is the defected starter solenoid because of the intense heat it received from the postive wires when attempting to crank the engine. My instructor and I removed the starter, bench tested and it decided to give up totally and the whole starter burned itself out. I bought a rebuilt starter from the specialty shop my school referred to me at a low price, installed it last night and the Comanche was able to start and ran. The "No-Crank" problem is now eliminated from the problem. Look me up on the recent problem, the clutch bleeding.
  11. We have tested the starter and it works. This was done as a bench test. To clarify the feedback from the relay, I mean that I can get power from the relay, once I turn the key to KOER(Key On Engine Running). The main issue is a possible wiring problem from the Relay to Starter Solenoid. Yes, the vehicle has gas and spark works.
  12. Hi there, my name is happyjeep and I reside here in San Fernando Valley and I own a 1986 Jeep Comanche Custom 4x2. I have a no-start condition and my fellow students and I diagnosed each components. Starter has been checked, and it's working, Relay is in operable condition, we were able to get feedback when the ignition from the key, and battery is fully charged to its specs. We're suspecting it may be a short to ground wire from Relay to Starter. If any comments or you may have experienced this similar problem, please notify me with your advice, so we can look into it and see what happens. To be Continued...... happyjeep 1986 Jeep Comanche Custom 4x2 P.S.: The truck is equipped with AMC 2.5L Fuel Injection and Aisin AX5.
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