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Renix Coolant Hoses Replacement

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I bought hoses for my 88 at Advance Auto but they didn't have al of them. The two long hoses were just a tad short so I had to do a little McGyvering. The hose from the tee to the reservoir has is a tapered hose (larger on one end than the other) if I remember correctly. The only reason I changed them is that I had to replace the heater core (a real joy!). I retained the heater valve so I had to buy some hose by the foot and cut/bend to fit.

You may be able to find all the hoses by searching NAPA, Autozone, O'Reilly's, Rock Auto, etc.

It may be easier to do if you're eliminating the valve. There's at least one post on eliminating the valve in the DIY section.

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Most of the coolant hoses are molded and a couple are expanded to fit a larger sized connection at one of the ends. It was more difficult to identify all of the replacements than it should have been, but I ordered all but one from RockAuto. If Team Cherokee has a kit, save yourself some time and get them there. The heater control valve is available from there too if you want to replace yours.

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