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Alexia's 1987 To 1997 Comanche

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I bought this 1987 Comanche 4.0 Manual 2WD from RockinMJ today, 2012-03-04. It is having a starting issue that appears to be a bad fuel pump or electrical to the pump. We had a fun time getting it up on the trailer after the ratchet straps failed to help. Since it had a fresh battery and could crank I hopped in, put it in first gear, and used the starter motor to get it up on to the trailer. Even worked to get it off and backed into the garage!(With a few stops to recharge.)


I consider myself the Jeep medic. I find a Jeep in need of love and healing, bring it home, and begin a long process of restoring it. Last year I found a deer collision XJ that I rebuilt the front end and redid the entire interior. Since this is a Comanche and quite rare now I plan to keep this one around. This is going to be a complete tear down and rebuild. There is some light surface rust across the roof and hood. The rest of the body has only one small dent that a is a simple fix, a lightly dented bed corner hidden by the bed liner, and a small bulge on the bottom of the tail gate that will take me less than a minute to fix with a hammer. The under side of the cab and bed look to be rust free. I am expecting a bit of light surface rust under the carpets.



  • 1997+ XJ Conversion(So cliche, but so worth it.)
  • 4.7 Stroker with Supercharger
  • JCR Offroad Front Bumper - Already delivered and waiting for paint.
  • LineX Bed Liner
  • 4WD Conversion - Donor is 4WD and have a NP242 ready to swap for full time 4WD.
  • D44 Rear Axle


To Do After Drive Train Installation

  • Adjust front axle caster angle and alignment.
  • Adjust sway bar angle.
  • Torque front suspension to specifications.


Before First Drive

  • Verify brakes are bled.
  • Verify parking brake is adjusted and works.



That's a nice Jeeeeeep you have there. Be a ssssshame if something happened to it.







Inching it back into the garage with the starter.





Did not even have it in the garage yet and I was already working on it.










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This is a 25 year old floor that has been water logged for a while.

The nasty moldy, slimy, and stinky carpet has already been tossed out in the trash bin. I will certainly have this floor cleaned, rust removed, and sealed by the end of the week while doing other things.


Two items I learned removing the interior.

    [*:d77g95l8]The B pillar lights disintegrate on contact.
    [*:d77g95l8]Lots of old brittle plastic bits.



















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That truck seems pretty clean. A great base to start your build from.


Nice looking LJ as well!


Thanks! :D


I am a pouncing tiger when it comes to deals. I just arrived back from Tennessee scoring a 1997 XJ donor for $500. I drove to meet the owner at 12:30AM as it was first come first served. I go back later today to pick it up with a trailer. It is wrecked in the rear, which is perfect! Also it is 4WD so the MJ will be converted in the process.

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Sweet deal on the xj. If you find anymore you need to hook me up. I can't find any deals like that.


This was a posted on Craigslist and have to jump on it immediately scenario since the owner already had several people call to come today.(So I came in the NIGHT! Mwuahaha!) There are more damaged front end pieces than I would like, but it has the majority key critical pieces such as drive train and interior.

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The license department at the court house is a giant troll. They want me to bring the donor XJ to the court house to make sure the VIN matches since it is an out of state transfer. Guess I am taking up two parking spots with a trailer!

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I picked up a donor 1997 XJ for $500 plus my $170 in costs to go get it. The owner is a true Jeep lover and was really sad to see it go. Unfortunately it was beyond reasonable repair. Even I would not attempt to repair it! It was hit at 60mph in the right rear which sent the XJ spinning air born slamming the right fender into a truck waiting to turn. Luckily for my donor needs the passenger door is untouched! I promised that all the useful parts would go on to be used in other Jeeps and that the carcass would be properly recycled.


My goal is to be ready to pull the entire drive train from the XJ by next weekend. I am fairly close to this goal.


Bunch of MJ Interior Pieces. Anyone want to trade their grey interior for burgundy red?



Donor XJ inside my tiny garage. Notice my space saving by putting the lawn mower under the rear.



One good fender removed. Will have to source a hood, right fender, and header panel still.



It took a lot of wrestling to get the XJ dash out. They are lot heavier than the previous generation and better secured.



More front end disassembly! The entire front wiring harness, lights, and grill inserts are fine. Only a new header panel will be needed.



Sort of touched the MJ. It can wait a bit.


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Lot more off both Jeeps. Drive train is about ready to be pulled from the XJ.



HVAC unit removed from the XJ! No pressure in the AC system so this was a simple unbolt and yank. Passenger side door cut off as well.



Getting everything cleaned up in the living room and storing it in an empty closet.



Plastic containers for various parts from each Jeep. All labeled with labeled plastic bags for fasteners.


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I know these pictures tend to be boring, but stripping vehicles is long and boring!





Deinteriored 1



Deinteriored 2



Space Saving, Storing the Hood and Hatch under the Jeep!



Bunch of useful parts coming off.



Useful interior parts, but someone else will get them.


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I have been slowly cutting the Cherokee apart to recycle the carcass. As well, I will be cutting around the frame rails to make a drive train stand to work on the parts.




One big Jeep and a few minutes later I have a taco roof.


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Alex you going to come down and help me do my conversion when I get my 97 and up cherokee. You should be a pro by then.


Ha! The 1997+ XJs have a lot of sanity in their design so they are easy to disassemble. Electrical harnesses that easily come apart and are physically separated by compartment. The harnesses under the hood separate easily into an engine section, upper fire wall, and light harness. I have absolutely everything labelled down to tiny details and have individual fasteners taped to the matching part. If you need help, just ask!


I have Euramtec B-Pillar lights coming in the mail. I also have a newer 1998-2001 full gauge cluster shipping out soon with about 50,000 miles on it. I will have to rewire the dash connectors slightly for the 1997 dash wiring to support the newer cluster.(Just swapping a couple wires between connectors, simple!)


My friend/coworker is doing a garage crawl this weekend with me. Going to get some engines pulled and I will be out helping him wiring up his drift car.

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Just making a list of parts I need to buy.


Header Panel



Right Fender



Bushwacker Flares



Engine Mounts, Transmission Mount, Black Carpet, Heater Core, AC Dryer, Accessory Belt, Carpet(ACC Part # 116387CUTPILEMB)



Square of Black Carpet for rear interior board.



Chrysler 8.25 Spring Perches

MOPAR P4120074 - Dealership


Metric Ton Leaf Springs



Air box lid, Fuse box lid, and a few other interior parts.



Engine Build Information

1999+ Intake

New head bolts

Gasket Set

New Power Steering Pump Bracket

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good work!

keep the progress up,

especially pics, lots of pics :yes:


Thanks. :D


For a quick text update, the entire engine bay is empty now. The entire interior is removed even including some riveted on brackets that support pieces of the dash electronics. Gas tank is dropped.(It has what looks like new tank straps and pump!) I just need to swap the front axles and pull few more pieces before the XJ chassis can be rolled away.


Euramtec B-Pillar lights arrived and about to purchase a horse shoe intake for the older motor. Also have another piece I am looking for to make the truck really authentic looking.

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Pictured is a complete set of power options, windows, locks, and mirrors, from a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. This includes the wiring harnesses! Also, a nearly mint leather steering wheel with cruise control switches, matching clock spring, and the servo to go with it. The steering wheel and clock spring cost $22! The rest was kind of expensive...


This is going to be a very cozy truck when it is done.



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