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Even BETTER discount at 4WD Hardware

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After a lot of back and forth with the hire ups, I was able to convince them that CC is more than a forum, it's a club. With that said, I am trying to get us set up through the club program. The benefits of the club program are that you would get 10% off MOST items (there are a few exclusions) everytime you order over the phone or in one of our stores (4 Wheel Drive Hardware and 4 Wheel Parts). Not just through me. This includes items for Comanches, other Jeeps, Trucks, and anything else we carry.


4WD will also give 3% of whatever our members spend back to the club. This would be great to help cover the cost of magnets, cards, stickers, this forum, etc.


Not everybody has to sign up, this is completely optional, but the more the merrier. If you would like to receive the club discount all while helping out the club while buying parts you needed anyway, please send me the following info:


Full Name


Phone (used to look up your account)

Email Address


If you've ordered from us before all I need is your phone number.


You can send me your info via a PM or email (RHamilton@4wd.com). If you have any questions you can also call me at the number / ext below or on my cell 941-735-8417. Thanks guys!

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Have they addressed the other issues with the club program??


When 4wd was first brought this program out, there were problems getting the promised stuff out to the clubs.


I've only been here about a year or so, however, I know that Kristen (the girl who took over running the program) is very much involved and very reliable about getting things taken care of for the clubs. She, like most of us here, loves her job and puts a lot of effort into it.


How long ago did this issue take place? Was it with a particular club that you were part of? Was the issue resolved? If not let me know and we'll get you taken care of. :cheers:

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Got everyone added so far. I'll be putting the info into our system this week and everyone should get a club card with their customer number on it. Use this number over the phone or in stores to get your discount. I'll keep everyone posted and let you know when they get sent out. Thanks to everyone who has signed up!

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I called and somebody told me I needed a club account #. umm whats this?


Once we get everyone put into the system, you will all get a club card with your account number on it. Until then, you can still get the discount by calling me @ x936, Jimmy @ x846, or Jordan @ x802. Just explain that you're part of the club and that you're waiting on your card / account number.

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Everybody is FINALLY in the system (if I received your info). If for some reason you have any issues getting your discount please let me know. In order to get the discount you will need to order via phone or in one of our stores. You can call me at the ext. below OR talk to any of the salesmen...they should be able to pull up your account with the phone number you provided me. They're still working on a way to make the discount available online.


Thanks everyone!

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