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1988 jeep comanche transmission??

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I have a 1988 jeep comanche 2x4. I got the 4x4 axles and drive shafts. The only thing I need is the transmission and transfer case but it has an auto in it. I need to know what 4x4 transmission I can put in it and where I can get the transmission?

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Easiest swap would be from a XJ and an auto.


Cherokees are pretty much identical to MJs from the doors forward and many parts interchange.


If you search 88 Cherokee transmission and transfercase you might find what you need or possibly post


in the wanted and a board member might have what you need.


And welcome to CC

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The automatic transmission in 1988 XJ and MJ was the AW4. Only one offered by the factory. Don't overlook the fact that a PO could have swapped something. The trannies are the same. The bell housings are different, being the 2.5 and 4.0 used different bolt patterns. A 2wd transmission can be converted to 4wd by removing the ext housing and bolting on a transfer case, making sure the output shaft spline count is the same. 21 or 23 spline count. The front drive shaft from any XJ, MJ will fit. Only a rear drive shaft from a MJ will fit. They're out there. Just finding one. Best bet will probably just have one made. :wrench:

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TCU will work unless your donor was a very late model XJ IIRC.


Assuming you get the correct tranny most of this should apply: http://comancheclub.com/topic/44377-2wd-aw4-to-4wd-aw4-swap/?p=451681 Spending a couple of minutes reading that may be of aid to you. I don't know if everything applies to the 2.5 but it is a good start and covers many of the bases.

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On 9/28/2020 at 10:08 PM, 88comanchemj said:

I gotta Manuel 88 comanche short bed what other jeeps 4x4 will work for my truck ?? That will interchange with my 88 really want to keep it a Manuel 


the link in my signature has a ton of swapping info in it. :L: 

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