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Ok who's gonna buy it?

Sir Sam

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Back in 1971 My neighbor had one of them things. I put a CJ5 4wd drive train under it and a Ford 289 engine. He went fishing every week end with it. When I moved in 1989 he was still driving it. Wouldn't mind getting one but 600 miles is a bit far.

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:drool: Oh man I half want to just call this guy to come look at it...

Got nothing better to do tomorrow :thumbsup:


We shall see


Don't waste his time if your not interested in buying it.


Yeah, yeah... If only I had time, money, space, and no other projects I'd be all over it. Could only imagine the neighbors looks when they see me dragging this home, that's almost worth it in and of itself.

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Here's one doing 70mph on the highway:






and it's for sale:


http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/show ... p?t=579802


1963 Willys postal van

Location: Gilbert , Az Price: $14,500

Awsome shop truck, 1963 Willys/Jeep postal van a recent build with a great running SB Chev and turbo trans, Narrowed 8" rearend, Front disc break conversion and Aluminum radiator. as well as New front and front side and door glass. Starts right up and purrs like a healthy 300lb kitten, runns down the road cool and collected even in the Arizona heat. The body and patina paint are original to the 1969 paintjob placed on her by AJ himself, this is no fake. Has some rattles you would expect from a nearly 50 yr old stepvan but a little attention and Dynomat would cure most of these, don't let the pics fool ya this thing is small on the stepvan scale with only an 80 inch wheelbase it is short, narrow and tall. You can check out a video of me flying down the freeway at 70mph...


Give me a holler if interested. $14,500.00 OBO


Rob (phone number in link above ^^^^^)


Please no Motorcycle trade offers, I like them but not a good rider!

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