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Weve created a monster!


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Ha Ha


2 Trucks have Dana 44s, 1 has a 35 as well as the XJ and the parts truck is minus a rear axle :smart: :chillin:


Id love to challenge Wildmans fleet count but untill I dismiss of my current projects ive been cut off from buying another :rotfl2: :rotf:


this quote is almost funny true. get excited about one project and find another and its a neverending cycle

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Old photo, but this is when I first got all three up and running and on my insurance policy.



I've since traded the YJ for a '92MJ and I still have two other Jeeps that weren't able to make the photo, although my '98XJ is running and driving, but is just buried in the back of my shop so it's not very easy to get it out.

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I'm at 27 and counting.


but here's the most I had at 1 time and actually took pics....I think max at 1 time so far was 9







that's the 3800 (my '86), my lifted '89 (RIP), my beater '86 (RIP), the parts '89 (RIP), my dad's diesel (blue one), and my brother's '88 (still driving)

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