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Lets see those carved pumpkins!


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This was sunday night's mess:


11yr old daughter's:


15yr old daughter's:




The top two are traditional carved with cheapo kit and patterns from Wally World and illuminated by LED cheapo AAA powered lights. Mine was carved from the back, taped, marked, drilled, and had 3 sets of 35 count cheapo xmas lights pushed in from the back of each hole. I did cheapo lights instead of LED strings so I could just toss them after I'm done with it.



Lets see yours.

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Nope - clear winner is the Automan. :cheers: Excellent interpretation of disgusting brews, if I'm reading it right. The only fault I see is that the Heineken skunk barf brew should be on the bottom step. :yes:


Cannot lay claim to that one Don... I saw it awhile back on the net, and had to post it here... I thought it was great...


But, not mine. Last time I got a pumpkin to carve with the GF they ended up rotting on a cart on the garage and oozing onto the floor.


Rob L. :ack:

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Predator wins hands down.....


Didn't know this was a contest. BTW, Whom TF is Predator? Extremely talented, obviously.


Sorry, didn't mean to imply it was a contest. I was just saying the Predator PUMPKIN is MY favorite, not Predator as in a person's screenname. I posted these off an email I got of custom artists' carvings. They are not all from the same person to my knowledge :thumbsup:

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