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  1. There is a plastic/rubber plug that is on the floor right behind the Drivers rear seat bolt under the carpet, you can see the plug under the truck. I think it is a drain plug of some sort? :dunno: Anyways I ran mine right through the center of that plug and put some RTV around it to seal it up. The plug acts as a grommet to keep the cable off the metal and seals up nice. then I just ran it under the carpet to my CB. Unless it is just an '88 thing, it works pretty well.
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    my 1987 mj

    :drool: That thing is awesome!! Nice MJ!! :bowdown: Welcome to the club!! :cheers:
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    :waving: HI!! Just thought I would make a new post here since it has been pretty dead. So, just saying Hello from Nebraska!! :cheers:
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    New MJ

    I Like It! :yes:
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    Second try...

    Sticker? :huh???: I am sure you mean the striker?
  6. 10pm where? We all are not on the same timezone I'm sure :nuts:
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    88's everywhere!

    :clapping: Sweet! I am part of an Elite Club! I feel special!! :banana:
  8. I'm on but going out to dinner, hope it doesn't kick me off!! :jump:
  9. I have to ask, why didn't you upgrade the doors to 97+? and get rid of the non-functional wing window? :dunno:
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    Hey That's my MJ!! They are pretty close huh? I got the bar mounted and put a couple lights up top as well :banana: So far I am lovin the bar. Let me know when you wanna do some wheeling!!
  11. :agree: :cheers: :clapping: Very well said, I totally agree!!