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My First MJ

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So I have been a member here for a while because I knew I wanted an MJ. I have 2 XJ's now, one a quite capable trail rig, and run a website in NorthEast Ohio for MJ's XJ's, and ZJ's (Unibody Jeeps) http://www.str86ho.com.


Well...I am finally picking up my FIRST MJ on Sunday :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: ....here are a few preliminary pics....



It is a 1987, 2.5L 2wd with 79K miles and a year old paint job. Got a great deal. The only things it will probably get are a budget boost, bigger rubber, and converted to 4wd.


I am psyched to pick it up!!

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On it's way from Pittsburgh....



Thanks Scott (redyota) for taking me to go get her...


And at home....



She's got a little putty in her on the DS.


Clean Engine...



Clean Bed...



As she sit right now:


1987 MJ Comanche Pioneer

2.5 Liter IL4 79,000 miles

2x4 AX4 Tranny


1st Mod to come:


AX5, 231, D30 w/3:55 (if you have good deals on these things..let me know.


Thanks for looking!

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Nice looking truck, that thing looks very clean. jamminz.gif I don't know if I could drive a purple comanche though. :roll:

That looks like a nice trailer you brought her home on too. :thumbsup:


Sometimes when you are looking for an MJ this clean, you can't choose the color...lol


And, unfortunately, the trailer is not mine....

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Nice find and great price also. Are the flames painted or stickers? Also, don't understand the po adding the handles behind the door. They might make more sense after the lift!



The handles are silly....and just screwed in...I think they would just pull out. I like the concept though.


The flames, unfortunately, are painted.

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looks like it has had a junkyard swapped engine. or at the very least a new valve cover. since its got OK written in paint marker on the VC. ive only ever seen junkyards do that

That actually could be factory.

My MJ had the factory engine and valve cover with "OK" written on it until about a year ago, when I made the mistake of taking it to Sears to get the oil changed instead of changing it myself.


I don't know what the hell they did, but I started leaking oil like crazy...and when I started checking for the leak, found a hole MELTED through the valve cover next to the oil fill. They wouldn't do anything about it, and claimed ignorance.


I took it to the dealer, and they wanted to charge me $600 to replace the cover. Their reason for that high expense was they "had to do a pressure test" after replacing the valve cover. I laughed my @$$ off at them, then got a mechanic relative (my Uncle, how I miss him) to replace the cover for $75, including parts and labor.


Since my uncle passed away I started doing all my own work.

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  • 3 months later...

Some Changes....


The 21 slot grill...THANKS BRENT!



Ok, use your imagination...it was dark...a little lift....



The YJ shifters and boots from the 4WD conversion....I still need to frame it in to clean up the look...



I like the T-case linkage A LOT better than the XJ/MJ.


The center console that will get trimmed to fit and Krylon Fusion painted black...



Note the long piece of steel soon to become a rear bumper...



Soon to go in thanks to Racin_66(from my site) and a GREAT TRADE! Another illustrious Cobra 29 LTD...



More to come soon....and maybe a daylight pic....

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Cause I like it. They came on early Cherokees and Comanches....


The 21 slot was only offered on the 84 and 85 XJ Wagoneer. They were never offered on any MJ from the factory.


86-90 got the 4 stack headlights on the Wagoneer. Again, never offered on the MJ.



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