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is this an AX-15?

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here it is


I have this trany that I took out of the comanche with the 2.8L

but it looks alot like an AX-15

but It was supposed to be the BA??? anyway I'm not quite sure but if so Ill keep it instead

and looks like I got the same one on the donnor (cherokee 90)

Image Not Found

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Under a 1990 Cherokee, it will be an AX-15 if the engine is a 4.0L and it will be an AX-5 if the engine is a 2.5L. Aside from the AX-5 being weaker than the AX-15, the input shaft is smaller in diameter (which no doubt contributes to its being weaker) and may be a different length.

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The AX-5 is comparable to the AX-15 the same way the 2.5 is comparable to the 4.0.


The 2.5 is basically the same motor as a 4.0, but with 2 cylinders hacked off.


The AX-5 looks very similar to the AX-15... it's basically the same transmission, just everything in it's smaller, so it's not as strong. The AX-5 was used behind the 2.5L I4, 2.8L V6, and 2.1L Turbo Diesel I4. AX-15 was used behind the 4.0, and 258 in 89-90 YJs.


The ones used behind the 2.5 and 2.8 are the same, they even use the same bellhousing. The one used behind the 2.1 is essentially the same transmission, although it used a different bellhousing, input shaft, and bearing retainer.


The AX-5 used a cast iron midplate, while the AX-15 has an aluminum one.





And yes, the AX-4 is literally identical to an AX-5, except it's missing the pieces for a 5th gear.

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